Tenet Now Planning Theatrical Release Overseas in August Before U.S.


After last week’s decision to pull Christopher Nolan’s Tenet from their upcoming release schedule, it seemed like Warner Brothers had resigned themselves to the fact that the movie would not be able to hit theatres before the end of the summer. However, at the time it was also mentioned that another announcement was expected in the near future, possibly with a plan to move forward only in certain regions. Now this week we are hearing that they are indeed starting with a theatrical release overseas, but that will be followed a week later by a U.S. release in select cities only. Hit the jump for more info.

CNN is reporting that Tenet will now hit theatres internationally on August 26th. That initial release will include 70 countries, among them “Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom.” Then the movie will hit select theatres in the U.S. just one week later on Sept. 2nd but at the moment they have not specified which cities will get it or what the criteria will be.

There has been a lot of talk about Christopher Nolan being reluctant to delay Tenet, but just when it seemed like he was finally giving in to the pressure, he is still somehow managing to get this movie out before the end of the summer. To be fair, theatres have been open for a while now in many other countries and plenty of other blockbusters have opened overseas first. That all seems to make sense. The real question is whether the Labor Day weekend is actually feasible for any kind of release in the U.S. right now. Do you have confidence in this latest release plan and do you plan on seeing Tenet when it finally hits theatres?

  • steini

    I can only say that from someone who’s running a theatre in Germany, we are desperately waiting for the release. We have been open now again for almost 2 month and with almost no releases aside of some horror flicks and the new Russel Crowe film Unhinged it would have been better to not open at all. We had days with 2 people coming in all day…