Away Teaser Trailer: Hilary Swank Goes to Mars


Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming series Away, which stars Hilary Swank as an astronaut leading an international crew taking the year-long trip to Mars on a high-stakes mission. There have been a few similar shows recently including the Hulu series The First and National Geographic’s Mars, although the teaser is pretty short so it is hard to gauge just how much overlap there might be. The show is loosely based on an Esquire article about a simulated mission to Mars and it hails from Jessica Goldberg and Andrew Hinderaker (The Path). It is also executive produced by Matt Reeves and Edward Zwick with Zwick also directing the first episode. Away arrives on Netflix on Sept. 4th; check out the teaser after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • 1138sw

    Man that was a short teaser! LOL Not much to go on but it looks interesting. I might catch it.

  • JC

    Hilary swank goes to Mars would be an infinitely better title