Game Junk Prototype Episode #19: Next-Gen Game Prices


We examine the rumours of a $10 jump in next-gen game prices, Apple Arcade ending some game contracts and the popularity of roguelite games plus we also talk The Last of Us Part II, Wargroove and Little Orpheus.

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  • Blake in Boston

    Sorry to hear that you weren’t enamored with TLOU2, Frankie. I obviously adored the game and am currently on my second play-through, saving my 3rd for that elusive Plat. I was blown away by the story telling, much akin to your tech-gasm’s, I had hot-plot-drops. It’s certainly up there in my all time favorite game list, which probably roughly stack up like so…

    1. Red Dead Redemption II (2018)
    2. Horizon: Zero Dawn (2017)
    3. The Last of Us Part II (2020)
    4. Metal Gear Solid (1998)
    5. Secret of Mana (1993)
    6. The Last of Us (2013)
    7. Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)
    8. Silent Hill 2 (2001)
    9. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (2018)
    10. Mafia (2002)

  • Beat_C

    frank’s keyboard clicking always cracks me up.