Film Junk Podcast Episode #755: Da 5 Bloods


0:00 – Intro
15:15- Review: Da 5 Bloods
48:20 – Hot Topic: Making Of Documentaries
1:18:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: Blackhat: Director’s Cut, Family Ties, Shadow of a Doubt, Brittany Runs a Marathon, The Lovebirds, Space Force, Upload
1:39:20 – This Week on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD
1:42:35 – Outro

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  • Nuno

    Great job already hitting the $3,000 mark, Junkers! Loved revisiting some Spike Lee films but still need to make time for Da 5 Bloods.

  • Nuno

    Has anyone had any experience with purchasing tickets (renting) films on virtual cinemas? My favourite arthouse cinema, North Park Theatre in Buffalo, has a lot of new release festival and indie films on their virtual cinema:

    I haven’t tried it out and not sure whether I’ll encounter geoblocking issues. Really want to check out Tommaso and Marona’s Fantastic Tale. In keeping with this week’s hot topic, there’s even You Don’t Nomi, a doc that reappraises Showgirls.

  • Sean

    I haven’t really looked into the virtual cinema thing yet but I believe they are all geoblocked so you’d have to find a Canadian theatre that has the movie you want. The Revue in Toronto and the PAC Film House are both offering Virtual Cinema but the selections are not that great so far.

    The good news is that I believe You Don’t Nomi is available on VOD in Canada so you can potentially still watch it even if you aren’t directly supporting your favourite theatre.

  • Nuno

    Thanks Sean. So what you’re telling me is that I need to find a way to bypass geoblocking? Hmmm… Wish I new a hacker who could help me with that.

  • Sean

    I think Frank might be available to spill coffee on something for you.

  • Nuno

    Man, I just realized that all of the discussions are happening over at the patreon page. If you’re not dropping tier, you’re stuck with me in your comments.

  • Lior

    So that Rocky documentary was the impetus for the making-of doc discussion? It doesn’t sound like much. Half an hour program? What a joke. Let’s mention some truly epic ones:

    The Alien Quadrilogy has a stupendous three-hour making of doc for each one of the movies (!) the one for Alien 3 is especially fascinating.

    “Under Pressure”, the making of The Abyss, is one of the most candid making-of docs ever made. Watch and see what a director is willing to do to make his movie. It would not be made today, probably. Too raw.

    The Avatar making-of doc is absolutely riveting. Cameron’s utilization of this technology is simply unbelievable.

    At least one making-of doc became a classic on its own, and that is Hearts of Darkness, on the making of Apocalypse Now.

    I watched Cleaning’ Up The Town, it’s nothing to write home about. It’s okay. Entertaining enough if you’re a fan of Ghostbusters.

    I find making of docs are the best when they enjoy the luxury of perspective. They tend to be more candid and insightful. However, as mentioned above, some docs filmed in real time can also be great. but they are more the exception than the rule.

  • Serina

    Dogville Confessions was a making-of doc that put a video diary room on the most depressing film set of Dogville. It’s a little slow, more atmosphere than substance, but worth checking out for the reactions from actors like Lauren Bacall and Paul Bettany.