Game Junk Prototype Episode #16: Sony’s PS5 Future of Gaming Event


We run through everything that Sony unveiled at their Future of Gaming event including the actual look of the Playstation 5 and count down our top 5 games confirmed for the next-gen system.

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  • Colin

    Only about 10 minutes in but how is Huck “Mr. Library” City even considering getting the PS5 without the drive? My mind is reeling at this…

  • Colin

    Not to mention BC with all your PS4 discs

  • HuckCity

    Hmm, I definitely did not consider the library aspect….You have a strong point here

  • Blake in Boston

    I haven’t listened yet, but already know that Frank has declared Sony the victor of the next generation of consoles simply due to the fact that they featured a guy from the New Orleans Pelicans.

  • HuckCity

    haha, you sure you haven’t listened to it yet???

  • SloppyDetective

    Great ep. Got me all excited for net gen. and Sony in particular. Hopefully Sony realizes back compat is a big deal for a lot of gamers these days (back logs have gotten huge thanks to these frequent sales) and they come out with a list of the games that will be on it at launch.

    Sean I think Sony hasn’t been pushing or innovating PS Now because they want to be seen as the classic console experience compared to Xbox’s future prepping eco-system. I’m sure they will play catch up with it once they decide they have to start matching Xbox in this area.

  • Blake in Boston

    Oh Frankie, so predictable. :-p

  • Len F.

    Man, Huck was right, they totally could/should have charged more for that bundle. It’s crazy! Going to take me years to play all of those games. Thanks for the heads up on that Gents, I had not heard of it nor the fact it was going to a good cause. Great stuff.

  • Rita WInplay99

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