Upgrade TV Series in the Works


Following up on last month’s news that The Purge TV series would not be renewed for a third season on USA Network, Blumhouse is now turning to another recent film in their catalogue to adapt for television. Leigh Whannell’s 2018 film Upgrade takes place in the near future and stars Logan Marshall-Green as a quadriplegic man who gets a high-tech implant called STEM that allows him to walk again. The A.I. eventually takes control of his body, however, and helps him exact revenge on the men who killed his wife. Now Upgrade is about to get a sequel on the small screen. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to Deadline, Blumhouse Television and UCP are setting up an Upgrade TV series with Leigh Whannell and Tim Walsh (Treadstone) executive producing and Walsh also serving as showrunner. They have also assembled a writers room that includes Krystal Ziv Houghton and James Roland, writers and producers on the second season of The Purge. The show will reportedly pick up a few years later and will focus on “an evolved version of STEM and a new host – imagining a world in which the government repurposes STEM to help curb criminal activity.”

The project is the first to come out of the first-look film and TV deal that Whannell signed with Blumhouse earlier this year. His most recent film was The Invisible Man and last we heard he was working on a reboot of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York. It is unclear if this is being developed specifically for the USA Network but since it is owned by NBCUniversal and they have a deal in place with Blumhouse, it seems likely. Are you interested in an Upgrade TV series?

  • 1138sw

    Never had a chance to see the movie. Dose anyone know if it was any good?

    Seems interesting enough, but for USA Network…that is sort of a buzz kill.

  • devolutionary

    Yes I dug it. It probably helps to not go in with preconceived notions or elevated expectations though. I’ve seen a lot of either tepid response or overhype. It’s just an extremely solid, partially elevated B-style exploitation/sci-fi movie. And Leigh Whannell directs the hell out of the limited budget he has.

  • 1138sw

    Cool thanks for the info! Will try to watch The movie!