Game Junk Prototype Episode #14: The Last of Us Part II State of Play + Iron Man VR Demo


We give our thoughts on The Last of Us Part II State of Play video and suit up with the Iron Man VR demo plus we also talk Deliver Us to the Moon, Infamous First Light and Minecraft Dungeons.

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  • SloppyDetective

    Frank, I’ve been playing TLOU multiplayer sporadically for the past week, and if you do play, just know that it is pretty cut throat. The pacing is way more slow and methodical than standard multiplayer games, and 90% of players are savage. I ended up watching a bunch of tip videos online and I can now hold my own around half the time. Just adjust your expectations and check out TLOU Strategist on youtube and load out guides online if you need some help. Also those multiplayer trophies are a fucking grind.

    I’m really hoping Sony pulls it all together and puts out a comparable platform (feature wise) to Xbox. I’m invested in their game franchises at this point, but would be torn getting a PS5 if they can’t deliver extensive back compat and free generational upgrades.

  • HuckCity

    YouTube version of the show is now up with eight minutes of bonus discussion at the end!

  • pcch7

    Get on that twitch stream and live re-stream the press conference Frank

  • pcch7

    If this Iron Man VR is so good, I wonder what they could do with a Thor VR. Throwing that hammer would be cool

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