Henry Cavill in Talks to Return as Superman


Following the failure of Justice League a few years ago, the DC Extended Universe has splintered somewhat with the key members of the Justice League either spinning off into their own solo films or leaving the franchise altogether. Superman has always remained a bit of a question mark, however, with Henry Cavill reportedly still attached to the role despite the fact that Warner Brothers had no immediate plans for him. Shazam! did feature a small cameo from the Man of Steel, although his face was never shown and it was not Cavill in the suit. Now this week we are hearing that Henry Cavill is going to put on the cape once again although it is unclear what movie this will be for. Hit the jump for more details.

According to The Wrap, Henry Cavill is in negotiations to reprise his role as Clark Kent / Superman in an upcoming DC movie. Although there has been some speculation that this could be for the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, we are hearing there will not be any actual reshoots with actors for that project. Instead, Variety is reporting that this will be for a cameo in one of the upcoming DC movies, likely either Aquaman 2, The Suicide Squad or The Batman.

If anything, the upcoming Shazam! sequel would actually make the most sense, given that Superman did appear briefly in the last movie. There still do not appear to be any solid plans for a Man of Steel sequel, however, which is a bit surprising. Either way, fans still seem to be on board with Cavill in that role and Cavill himself has stated that there is still “a lot of justice to be done” for the character. Are you excited to see Henry Cavill return as Superman?