The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo TV Series in the Works


After years of waiting on David Fincher’s potential sequels to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sony eventually opted for a soft reboot with The Girl in the Spider’s Web, directed by Fede Álvarez and starring Claire Foy. The movie failed to make any sort of impact at the box office, leaving many wondering if they had simply waited too long and the popularity of the series had run its course. Amazon is hoping that is not the case, however, as we are hearing that they are now in the process of setting up a brand new Lisbeth Salander TV series that will find the role being recast yet again. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Variety, Amazon is setting up a TV series centering on Stieg Larsson’s character Lisbeth Salander. The show will be called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but it will not be a direct adaptation of any of the books and it will not be connected to any of the previous films. The idea is to “place her in today’s world with a wholly new setting, new characters, and a new story.” No writer or lead actress is currently attached but Andy Harries (The Queen, The Crown) will executive produce along with Rob Bullock (The Night Manager, Strike Back).

The books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide so obviously there are still fans out there and David Lagercrantz has continued to write new books following Stieg Larsson’s death (the most recent one was released just last year). It feels like perhaps TV could be the appropriate medium for this character given the potboiler nature of the source material and Amazon has already found some success in this area with Bosch. They also have a Jack Reacher TV series in the works, which would likely appeal to the same audience. That being said, David Fincher fans are no doubt still lamenting the Dragon Tattoo sequels that could have been. Would you be interested in watching a Lisbeth Salander TV series?