Game Junk Prototype Episode #13: Fortnite Party Royale


We discuss the Tenet trailer premiere in Fortnite and the game as a social platform plus we also talk Uncharted: Golden Abyss, The Last of Us, Golf with your Friends, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Full Throttle Remastered.

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  • SloppyDetective

    hmm I may have to get in on some Last of Us multiplayer if the player base is gonna bump up soon. I’ve dipped into its multiplayer a couple different random times and its fun and different, but 2 out of the 3 times I played it it was obvious the 20 other people playing that night were hardcore and very good at the game.

    Frank, I have the same name on PSN if you want to get in on some teaming up. You said to message you but idk where I would do that.

  • Beat_C

    frank, don’t be put off your stride by jay. your “alright!” is, well, alright!

  • ShadowFlights

    I’m also up for this! I’ve played through the Hunter online campaign already, but wanted to sort a team out for the second run through, to no avail. My PSN is the same as my name here too!

  • SloppyDetective

    I’ll shoot you a request. I haven’t played TLOU for a bit, so I’ll be a little rusty.