Justice League: The Snyder Cut Officially Coming to HBO Max in 2021


Update: THR is reporting that the Snyder Cut may be released as a six-episode mini-series as opposed to a feature film.

After years of non-stop online petitioning, the fans will finally get their wish. Zack Snyder’s fabled cut of Justice League will see the light of day and it will be coming to the new Warner Brothers streaming service HBO Max. Zack Snyder announced the news during a live Q&A following a virtual screening of Man of Steel today. An official press release went out shortly afterward confirming that the new version of the movie will arrive sometime in 2021. Obviously the timing is ideal considering that HBO Max launches one week from today. Snyder had this to say about the announcement:

“I want to thank HBO Max and Warner Brothers for this brave gesture of supporting artists and allowing their true visions to be realized. Also a special thank you to all of those involved in the SnyderCut movement for making this a reality.”

Whether the theatrical cut of Justice League can be improved upon is not really in question, although at this point Snyder’s version is going to have some pretty high expectations placed upon it. Snyder did hint that possible reshoots were happening earlier this year when he posted a photo of a film slate from the original shoot that might also be used “on the set of any additional photography for the motion picture known as Zack Snyder’s Justice League in the unlikely and purely speculative even that such photography is needed.” Clearly Warner Brothers is putting a lot of money and resources behind this, although the true extent of the work required to pull it together is currently unknown. Are you looking forward to finally seeing WB release the Snyder Cut?

  • Dinobot2

    Why does there get to be a Snyder cut? Didn’t he leave production (albeit for important personal reasons) halfway through? It’s not like he finished it and then Warner Bros was like “nah, not good enough” and brought in Whedon.

    Ah whatever his version will probably be just as shitty as the other version.

  • Lior

    When historians of the future will attempt to explain the ancient term “hype” to snot-nosed film students (in the future, “film” will also be an ancient word), they will invoke the Snider cut.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    I’m not sure about this, but I think Joss Whedon was brought on to re-write the third act before Snyder had the personal issues he had to leave for. Once he left Whedon then came in to direct what he had written. So I guess this could be the original screenplay Snyder co-wrote, which is maybe why re-shoots and extra CGI work are now involved. I’ll never doubt the power of a hashtag again though cause I thought there was no chance in hell this would get released, let alone more money spent on it.

  • Dinobot2

    I wasn’t aware of the re-writes from Whedon that took place before Snyder had to leave, so I guess that changes some stuff.

    I also wouldn’t overestimate the hype portion. This seems more like Warner Bros. trying to recoup some lost revenue due to the pandemic than simply giving into an online campaign.

  • 1138sw

    I don’t get it so what? The movie was crappy so why should the Snyder’s directors cut be so hyped up?

    I mean it’s not like the director’s cut of The Godfather III was any better than the theatrical release.

    I do like Snyder’s work but his overall direction for the DCU was a cliche based on his own work…talk about non original!

  • Jared Kerr

    This hurts my brain. I thought #releasethesnydercut was basically an ironic joke.
    No one liked BVS: DOJ, why do people want to see this!? The internet is getting even more obnoxious? How is this possible ?

  • Deven Science

    I think that the general consensus by fans is that some of the Whedon stuff were the worse parts of the flick, so the thinking is that if you cut that out, you’ll be left with… if not a better movie, at least a more consistent one. There’s no proof that it will actually be improved, so time will tell.

  • 1138sw

    While I don’t see the benefits now, you are right that time will tell if Snyder can deliver a better movie than what ran on the big screen. I love his early work so we’ll see.

  • Facebook User

    “No one liked BVS: DOJ,” – that’s not even remotely true.