Game Junk Prototype Episode #12: Unreal Engine 5 Demo


We react to the Unreal Engine 5 Demo running on the PS5 plus we also discuss the Ghost of Tsushima State of Play video and talk I Expect You To Die, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Assassin’s Creed Unity and The Last of Us.

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  • SomeGuyInPhilly

    Loving the weekly pods these days and eager to check this out. I hope one of you will get a chance to try out Outer Wilds sometime (I guess Frank would be most likely, given the time commitment). Just a note for anyone starting Outer Wilds up, it’s incredibly easy to Google solutions to just one problem you are looking at without spoiling the entire narrative. So I would recommend doing so if you are getting really stuck or just want to see if you are completely off base. Also, this is most important, use the computer in your ship early and often.
    ps when will we get read on to talk the latest mobile game craze.

  • SloppyDetective

    I’m with Frank on the load times being a game changer. While they’re not a sexy bullet point for next gen, like resolution is, it’s a quality of life improvement that seemingly can impact so many facets of gaming. I played the The Witcher 3 last year on a PS4 pro and the 3 second load to open the map become such an annoyance with how often you need end up looking at it. Having a small load like that vanish doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you’re in the middle of experiencing it over and over it sounds game changing. I don’t agree with Frank that Sony has won next gen. It’s obviously way too early to tell.

    Sean I’m glad you dug out an old Tony Hawk game after giving HD a go. HD followed by 5 felt like the 1-2 punch that killed the franchise. So I’m hella stoked to go back to Tony Hawk and hope this remake leads to them putting out a good new entry in the franchise.

    There was a pretty funny news moment around a new Skate game too if you guys want a laugh
    It’s funny to hear this skater know and understand gaming culture and gamer’s wants better than EA.

  • HuckCity

    I tried it for about an hour when it first came out but bounced off it. I am not really into games that just throw you into a world and don’t give you much direction. I explored a bit and landed on a few of the other planets, but it didn’t grab me.

  • Blake in Boston

    Frank- Crushing/Grounded is how I enjoyed TLoU the most. Every encounter made me feel like I just scraped by and the inventory management actually matters—do I craft a medkit or molotov? Each decision felt heavy and had consequences. It’s the way to play, in my opinion.

    Also, play Red Dead Redemption II ya dingus.

  • SloppyDetective

    I second that RDR2 sentiment. With all this quarantine time now is the perfect moment for Frankie to justify that top 10 inclusion…or regret it! *gasp

  • ShadowFlights

    I was gonna say the same about Grounded mode! Makes you totally rethink how you’d approach every single encounter (in a good way), and you pretty much have to tell yourself you have no weapons or health (besides the very occasional molotov). Even scouring every area and never using a shiv on an enemy, I couldn’t open two of the shiv doors in the game!