The New Mutants Gets a New August Release Date


With all eyes currently focused on Warner Brothers as they decide whether to release Christopher Nolan’s Tenet on July 17th, many studios are waiting to use that as a gauge to decide if they will release any movies theatrically this summer at all. Disney, on the other hand, is apparently pushing forward regardless. The studio already has Mulan planned for release on July 24th, but now they have decided to set the X-Men spin-off The New Mutants for a late August release as well. Considering all of the questions that still remain about theatres re-opening and whether audiences will actually show up, it seems like a surprising move. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Variety, The New Mutants is now scheduled to hit theatres on Friday August 28th, the final weekend of the summer. The movie was originally a Fox production, but changed hands to Disney when they acquired the studio’s assets last year. After a troubled production and several delays, the movie has changed release dates several times already (it was originally scheduled for release in 2018) and fans were starting to question whether it would ever see the light of day at all.

The movie had long been rumoured as a possible Disney+ release and considering that they already moved Artemis Fowl to the streaming service, it is a bit unexpected that they would once again commit to a theatrical release for The New Mutants. That being said, the movie industry is seemingly in need of a few “sacrificial lambs” at this point to test the waters without completely betting the farm. The New Mutants seems like it would fit this bill nicely since it isn’t expected to be a huge hit and it wasn’t Disney’s production in the first place. What would it take to get you back in a movie theatre right now?

  • 1138sw

    I wonder how Mulan will do especially with all the Asian backlash here in the states. Plus with the way this Trumpocalypse has been will people feel secure enough to go out by July?

    Until this Pandemic is better controlled and when and if there is a Vaccine I won’t be venturing out to crowded cramped areas like a movie theater. Until then I’m streaming.