Demolition Man 2 Might Be in the Works


Although Sylvester Stallone knows the value of a successful movie franchise better than most, his next movie will be an original project called Samaritan. The movie was in the midst of production in Atlanta when COVID-19 put it on forced hiatus. That being said, he is apparently not done looking back to his previous successes to see which ones might be ripe to revive. Obviously he has managed to keep both Rocky and Rambo alive after a 15 or 20 year break, but now we are hearing that one of his ’90s hits might be making a comeback as well: Demolition Man. During a recent Instagram Q&A, Stallone hinted that a sequel was in the works:

“I think it’s coming. We’re working on it right now with Warner Brothers. It’s looking fantastic. So, that should come out, that’s going to happen.”

Over the years, Stallone has been known to tease a lot of projects that don’t fully pan out so it is difficult to know how seriously to take this statement. However, Demolition Man was a hit back in 1993 and has developed a cult following over the years thanks to its strange sense of humour and satirical view of the future, so there would potentially be an audience for this. Producer Joel Silver and co-writer Daniel Waters (Heathers, Hudson Hawk) supposedly had an idea for a sequel at one point where Meryl Streep would play Stallone’s daughter but something tells me that is not what we’re talking about here. It is also unclear whether Sandra Bullock would be willing to return. Would you be interested in a Demolition Man sequel?