Film Junk Bonus Podcast: Cursed Films Q&A


Jay takes us through the making of his documentary series Cursed Films and answers some of your questions.

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  • schizopolis

    Good stuff! Pretty damn informative.

    P.S. That witch performing the “curse” of a future film….I lip read “Avatar”, right?? Wondering if anyone else thinks differently.

  • colin the dude

    I have watched Cursed Films 3 times. I tear up watching the Twilight Zone episode, no joke. I adore your filmmaking, Jay.


    Some reviews suggestions for future Episodes:
    Bad Education
    The Way Back
    Portrait of a Lady on Fire
    Never Rarely Sometimes Always
    Each film is very unique & I would love to hear your opinions on them.

  • Beat_C

    i really hope i can get watch this series in switzerland at some point. a question: can you repeat the name of the band of the opening title track? it was hard to understand.

  • I Signori Della Galassia – Sub

  • Beat_C

    thanks! the regional dialect really got in the way there, haha.