Spy vs. Spy Movie Recruits Skyscraper Director


It was being reported last year that Mad magazine was shutting down for good but, as it turns out, the iconic publication has simply switched to a new format using a mix of old and new content. Either way, it seems safe to say the legacy of Mad magazine will continue to live on no matter what format it takes and that includes one of the magazine’s longest-running recurring features: Spy vs. Spy. Originally created by Antonio Prohias, the dialogue-free comic strip features two opposing spies trying to kill each other with various traps, gadgets and weapons. It spawned several video games over the years and became an animated segment for Cartoon Network’s Mad TV series but now the two spies are on the verge of getting their own live-action movie as well. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to Collider, Rawson Marshall Thurber is in talks to direct Spy vs. Spy for Warner Brothers and Imagine Entertainment. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are attached to produce with Howard having originally developed the project as a directorial vehicle for himself. David Koepp will also produce while the initial draft of the screenplay was written by John Kamps (Premium Rush, Zathura) although it has probably been through several rewrites since it was first announced back in 2011.

Rawson Marshall Thurber most recently directed the Dwayne Johnson action movie Skyscraper but he is best known for his comedies including Dodgeball, We’re the Millers and Central Intelligence (the latter of which is probably the most relevant to Spy vs. Spy). His next movie is Red Notice, a heist movie for Netflix starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot but he also has a few other projects in the works including a Cannonball Run remake and a Choose Your Own Adventure movie. Do you think Spy vs. Spy can work as a live-action movie?