Send Us Your Questions for an Upcoming Cursed Films Q&A Podcast!


Hopefully by now many of you have had a chance to see all five episodes of Cursed Films, Jay’s documentary series on Shudder. The show has sparked a lot of interesting debate and discussion online and we thought it might be a good opportunity to do a special podcast focusing on production of the series itself and to discuss some of the issues it has raised. If you’ve got questions for Jay, this is your chance to get them answered! We are planning to record the Q&A two weekends from now but you might want to get your questions in early for a better chance at making it onto the show. We promise we’ll do our best to address as many as we can. You can email your questions to or feel free to just post them right now in the comments below. Thanks!

  • Bizzaro Nate

    How do you stand on the Twilight Zone disaster? Do you think it was John Landis’ fault or do you more side with Kane Hodder in that accidents happen sometimes.

  • Is this the series that Shudder initially envisioned it would be? Did Shudder have much input into the creative process? Was there anything that you had to sell them on?

    Feels like a pure Jay Cheel Joint to me…

  • Mike

    Why does it seem the Twilight Zone case is so little known despite being the most tragic? What do you make of Spielberg’s involvement in it? What do you think of Landis’ comments on the accident (where he always muses on how it affected his career immensely and how it was, to him, such an unforeseeable accident that no one could have avoided?)
    [and did you guys ever get ahold of the footage (as written about in the book Outrageous Conduct, about the Twilight Zone movie, page 160) of Spielberg throwing a yelling fit when asked by CNN reporter Sandy Kenyon to comment on TZ?]

  • Mike

    Hodder must not know enough about the accident, there were dozens of people who voiced their concerns to Landis and the producers – don’t set off explosions so close to a helicopter, don’t hover a helicopter 20 feet directly above people, don’t use live ammunition…There were several pilots who turned down the job knowing what it required of them. Morrow had told people about multiple safety concerns he had, not just in regards to THE scene but others where live ammunition was used (which endangered Morrow and other actors in the shot.) This was a billion percent avoidable, not some fluke or mistake or incredibly bad luck…

  • Jonny Ashley

    Did you ever get more info than you bargained for from an interview subject? For example did you come to Lloyd Kaufman knowing that his philosophy about production safety would yield a perfect counterpoint to the Twilight Zone incident?

  • I believe this was mentioned (or might’ve been) in a prior FJ episode although I don’t remember in which if so:

    Did Shudder air the episodes in the order they were intended to be released? Because somehow it felt to me the Poltergeist one was slated to be the first and after that the rest including The Exorcist (the latter felt rather rushed regarding the theme of the show whereas Poltergeist set it up in the opening).

  • hmslime

    The point of Cursed Films appears to be an attempt to deromanticize urban legends. Was that the initial concept or did that aspect come later? In spite of some youtubers I’ve seen not being on board with that idea, I have to strongly disagree with them as I thought your take and execution of this cursed films idea was far more thoughtful of a doc than I would have thought possible. You absolutely nailed it, man. Congratulations.

    Also, how slimy of a person was that exorcist in real life? He seems like a complete garbage human being in the way he exploits people.

  • manteray

    Why didn’t ep5 show the footage of John Landis at Morrow’s eulogy telling people to see the Twilight Zone movie, and that Vic thought it was his best work and loved doing it? Just craven (Landis.)
    How imactful has the Twilight Zone accident been to the industry?

  • Matt the Kiwi

    They didn’t air the episodes in the order that Jay intended so they didn’t quite flow as intended apparently. Sorry, can’t remember if it was last weeks episode where he discussed this or the week before.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Did you have any input in coming up with the list of films that the series would investigate or was that already in place when you came on board? Also, really interested how you get a gig like this – do they approach you based on your previous work or do you “apply” for it like the rest of us civvies apply for work?

    More importantly, are you going to do a one-off blu-ray of this series (in clear cases), at your own expense so that people like me can buy it off you directly à la Time Machine? Or are you still too traumatised by that exercise? It’s the only way I’ll ever get to see it :-(

  • TimC

    What was your experience attempting to reach-out to Alex Proyas?

  • Thx. so I remembered correctly that it was mentioned (and therefore answered).