Game Junk Prototype Episode #8: Cooking Mama Drama


We attempt to comprehend the Cooking Mama: Cookstar legal dispute and debate the Resident Evil 4 remake rumours plus we discuss the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Blood & Truth, Dragon Age II and Animal Crossing: New Horizons annoyances.

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  • Lori Cerny

    Thank you, Guys!

  • Colin

    This show continues to be a blessing…

    That said, inspired by Jay’s re-edit on FJ this week, I couldn’t help but fact check Frankie for a second:

    @ 14:52:

    Frank: I would have thought that Resident Evil 4 would be the next one that’s remade.
    Sean: I thought that they would go in chronological order. No?
    Frank: I think that you go in story (???) order. I think you stick to the main Resident Evil story.
    Sean: Oh, well I guess I don’t know enough about Code: Veronica. So it’s completely not part of that continuity then or something?
    Frank: Oh just numerical continuity. I think it’s like an offshoot… I’m assuming that’s why it’s called Code: Veronica. I’ve never played it so I don’t know.
    Sean: Oh….
    Frank: I think that the next one in the core series (???) is Resident Evil 4 and it’s a very popular game… [conversation continues down a RE4 path]

    So here’s the chronology (continuity) of the main Resident Evil games:

    ** Please note that this list doesn’t contain offshoots and spinoffs like Resident Evil: Survivor or Resident Evil: Dead Aim **


    “Capcom had always been platform agnostic, and the Dreamcast looked to have at least a year to itself before the PlayStation 2 could arrive. The Dreamcast launched in Japan in November 1998, ultimately giving it a 15-month head start. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica was not “Resident Evil 3” in name, but Capcom’s intention was for it to be a proper continuation of the storyline of Resident Evil 2. The reason for going with a subtitle rather than a number essentially came down to console war politics. “The idea was to keep numbered games on Sony and use different names for games made for Sega and Nintendo,” Okamoto explained to me in summer 2017.”

    In fact, as the link and article title suggest, it was Resident Evil 3 (!!!) that was the spinoff turned numbered title… again, numbered simply because it was on a Sony platform.*

    *Admittedly, this too falls apart when you consider that Resident Evil 0 was initially developed for the N64 and then first released on the Nintendo Gamecube… perhaps Capcom doesn’t consider “0” to be a number.

  • Colin

    Also, seeing how Frank now loves RPGs and previously loved The Messenger, will he be backing Sea of Stars?

  • SloppyDetective

    Idk if you guys are aware (specifically Andrew) but Jason Schreirer is starting a video game podcast called Triple Click. There are two other hosts I’ve never heard of, and the first episode hasn’t dropped yet, but I know you said you’re a big fan of his reporting.

  • HuckCity

    I am aware of that new podcast. It’s actually a spinoff of their Kotaku podcast that was called Splitscreen. Maddy (works at Kotaku) and Kirk (used to work at Kotaku) are the other two hosts of both shows.

  • HuckCity

    I was considering backing it, but decided to just wait until it’s released. Looks really promising though.

  • SloppyDetective

    Ahh gotcha. I just happened to see it on the new podcast recommendations in my app. I’m interested to see if he’s as interesting a conversationalist as he is a writer.

  • HuckCity

    It’s a pretty good show, though they can sometimes fall into a “woe is me, I’m a journalist” tangent.