The Purge 5 Apparently Titled The Forever Purge


With The Purge series now spanning four films and a TV series that has run for two seasons on USA Network (so far), it might seem like there is no end in sight for the successful horror franchise. In actuality, however, we have been hearing that the upcoming fifth film is potentially being planned as the final installment. Now we are starting to get our first clues as to how they might be concluding the story. This week we are learning that The Purge 5 has been given a new official title: The Forever Purge. Hit the jump to find out what else we know.

The news comes from a THR article focusing on how various Hollywood personalities are adapting to the COVID-19 shutdown. Jason Blum is among those featured and it mentions that one of his upcoming projects is called The Forever Purge. Although the plot details are still unknown, the title would seem to imply that The Purge will expand beyond just one day per year and perhaps lead to a complete breakdown of society.

It was announced last year that Everardo Gout (Luke Cage, Mars, Banshee) will direct the fifth film from a script by James DeMonaco, who wrote all of the other films and directed the first three. The last film was The First Purge, a prequel that traced the origin of the annual tradition that makes all crime legal for 24 hours. It sounds like the TV series could still continue on indefinitely, but what do you think… does The Forever Purge sound like an epic way to end the movie franchise?