Richard Kelly is Working on a Southland Tales Prequel


Although it has been over a decade now since Richard Kelly’s last film hit theatres, it’s nice to know that the cult writer and director still has plenty of original projects in development. Most recently we heard that he was working on a Rod Serling biopic, and although the status of that remains uncertain, this week he revealed that he is also eager to return to the world of Southland Tales. Mubi recently added the 2006 film to their line-up and to coincide with that Kelly did some live tweeting during the global viewing party. He revealed that there are 4K restorations of both the theatrical cut and the Cannes cut in the works and he is also hoping to direct a prequel. Here are some of the related tweets:

Graphitti Designs previously released three graphic novels that serve as a prequel to the original Southland Tales. They were written by Kelly and illustrated by Brett Weldele and would apparently serve as the basis for the prequel film. Southland Tales was not a huge hit although it barely got a theatrical release at the time and it has since developed a cult following. Hopefully that will help this get off the ground where some of Kelly’s other projects have fallen through. Would you be interested in seeing a Southland Tales prequel?

  • Deven Science

    What the fuck. This guy had so much potential.

  • SloppyDetective

    Wait are there people that like this movie?

  • It’s a masterpiece.

  • SloppyDetective

    Why? Also what’s your definition of a masterpiece – just so there’s no confusion

  • It’s a pretty accurate depiction of early 21st century American socio-political society and commentary on religion packaged in a delightfully weird high-concept film with characters that felt kind of “out there” back then but looking at our present and the fact that America has elected the host of a Reality TV show as its president seems more ahead of its time now in retrospect. The soundtrack is stellar, the actors sell their roles quite well, it is extremely funny and Kelly delivers some terrific shots. Obviously the film is not for everyone (hence it bombed) but after Donnie Darko Kelly took the road less travelled by and that made all the difference.

    in regards of a masterpiece my definition is basically the general one: a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship. Which Kelly did pull of with Southland Tales. Can’t wait to finally see the Cannes cut and in 4K nonetheless.

  • SloppyDetective

    I have pretty negative memories of the movie, but I don’t remember much – SUVs fucking is the main thing other than just feeling it was a mess and trying way too hard. You’re write up definitely has me wanting to revisit it though and give it another shot

  • Facebook User

    Yeah my take is in line with yours – kind of a mess and trying way too hard. I didn’t hate it and I’ll happily watch the Cannes cut but the biggest indication to me is I can remember so little of it.