Game Junk Prototype Episode #6: The Last of Us Part II Delay + Resident Evil 3


We speculate on the reasons for The Last of Us Part II delay and the COVID-19 effects on the game industry plus we talk Resident Evil 3, Oneiros and Riverbond.

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  • SloppyDetective

    Frank don’t beat yourself up over connection stuff. Personally, I’m just glad to hear you guys talk as much as you can. Besides you had a duty in breaking the news that The Last of Us 2 is cancelled when everyone else thought it was just delayed.

    Also here in the States there is an insane amount of people that live 1-2 paychecks from being completely broke. So there are a lot of people right now who are past their ability to cover their costs of living.

    I’ll be interested to see how the rest of the year is affected by the virus. Some models predict it to come in waves so we could see it calm down at the start of summer and everyone relaxes social distancing and then it surges again in the fall. Would not be surprised if consoles and most big games get pushed to next year and this year is just kind of considered a wash. Then at that point do they release games cross-gen ala Twilight Princess/Breath of the Wild?

  • pcch7

    Even with a bad connection it’s good to get some gamejunk. As for RE3, I think the full game is leaning more towards action rather than horror. Didn’t play the demo so I’m not sure what was in that though

  • John Abides

    Hey, love these weekly updates! I know people who work at Crytek in Germany, and the company sent everyone home with their big desktop computers. They did it about 3 weeks ago and will likely stay this way for another month at least. I can see the problems of occasional working from home (weak computer, laggy remote-desktop connection, etc) , but for an extended remote working situation as we are in now, simply delivering desktops to houses makes the most sense to me. Workers would still have to vpn in to check in/out code or assets, but I think much of the time could be spent working locally.

    My company in the US has been struggling with getting laptops for as many people as possible, but it is not THAT hard to move a desktop computer. The added bonus is that one doesn’t need to remote desktop to the office computer and all the terrible user experience that entails. In addition to some savings with the VPN struggling with the additional people on it.

  • OsoDuck

    Resident Evil 3 is good but it is definitely a step down from 2, which is unfortunate because I think the Jill Valentine/Nemesis dynamic has more potential than anything in 2. But even REmake 2 excised stuff from the 1998 version. The original Resident Evil Remake is still the best of them as far as I’m concerned.