Edgar Wright to Adapt Sci-Fi Novel Set My Heart to Five


Although he is currently in post-production on his upcoming horror film Last Night in Soho, Edgar Wright has also been busy lining up his next project. This one finds him returning to the sci-fi genre through an adaptation of a book that has not yet hit store shelves. Set My Heart to Five is the debut novel from Simon Stephenson and it centers on an android who experiences an emotional awakening and sets out on a quest to find his creator. The book synopsis is as follows:

“Jared works as a dentist in small-town Michigan. His life is totally normal, except for one thing. He is a bot engineered with human DNA to look and act like a real person.

One day at a screening of a classic movie, Jared feels a strange sensation around his eyes. Everyone knows that bots can’t feel emotions, but as the theater lights come on, Jared is almost certain he’s crying. Confused, he decides to watch more old movies to figure out what’s happening. The process leads to an emotional awakening that upends his existence. Jared, it turns out, can feel.

Overcome with a full range of emotions, and facing an imminent reset, Jared heads west, determined to forge real connections. He yearns to find his mother, the programmer who created him. He dreams of writing a screenplay that will change the world. Along the way, he might even fall in love. But a bot with feelings is a dangerous proposition, and Jared’s new life could come to an end before it truly begins.”

The project is set up at Working Title Films, Focus Features, and Compete Fiction Pictures with Stephenson attached to write the screenplay himself. It’s easy to see why Edgar Wright might be drawn to this story, particularly with the role that classic cinema seems to play in it. The book is expected to be released later this year via Hanover Square Press in the U.S. and 4th Estate in the UK. Coincidentally, the book has a blurb from Simon Pegg on it although it is unclear if he will have any involvement in the movie. Are you looking forward to Set My Heart to Five?

  • Deven Science

    I’ll read it. Putting it on my goodreads list.

  • Lori Cerny

    I dunno know. This premise has been done already. Hopefully, Wright will add something fresh.