Introducing a Brand New Podcast: Recommended Reeding


Unfortunately, due to on-going issues with Frank’s internet connection, it looks like we will be unable to record new Film Junk episodes for the next little while. In the meantime, Reed Farrington has offered to start hosting a brand new weekly podcast about books that he has been reading. Enjoy!

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  • Matt Gaffney


  • RJ

    No Film Junk makes my week feel incomplete… time to scroll through the premiums or find another old ep to listen to.

  • unclebatman

    I would drop tier for this.

  • devolutionary

    The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.

  • Beat_C

    i mean, this is great … but the thought of no film junk “for the next little while” (?) is shattering ????

  • Lori Cerny
  • Lori Cerny

    Reed, don’t let the haters get to ya. I’m in !!!!

  • Jonny Ashley

    hell yeah

  • Cream Neeson

    No new Filmjunk is surely a cruel April fools day jest. The heart can only take so much…

  • andyluvsfilms

    I need extra pods at the moment as most shops are employing a one in one out policy. Listening to Reed whilst queuing in the cold for Lidl’s made my life a little less bleak. (That’s how low the bar is)

  • Corey Pierce


  • Reed Farrington

    Thanks to you, Lori, my podcast’s been cancelled! ;-)

  • Ben

    There is nothing boring about Reed!
    I’d love to also hear 1 show or documentary/mini series recommend as well.

  • schizopolis

    Only a running time of 17 minutes. But, one can argue watching a cringe-inducing public speaker give a speech for 17 minutes feels like 3 hours! Bravo??

  • Logan Sexsmith

    this was on par with the bjork stalker video

  • Reed Farrington

    Good Girls.

  • Reed Farrington


  • Really kinda bummed another Movie Review Show episode wasn’t unearthed, but I’ll settle for some light Reeding this year.

  • Bizzaro Nate

    I love Recommended Reeding, so happy to see it’s getting its own spin-off mini-cast! Reed, have you ever taken the MBTI personality test? You seem very much like an INFP, many of my INFP friends also have similar cadence and speaking patterns as you. INFP’s are known for not being very comfortable carrying conversations on their own or thinking off the top of their heads but are the best writers in the world because they shine when they have the time to elicit their complex thoughts on paper. INFP’s are also very rare and usually don’t follow the crowd and live life on their own terms. Looking forward to the next RR!

  • TimC

    Consider the Revive Recommended Reeding (RRR) campaign begun.

  • Reed Farrington

    I’m not familiar with the MBTI personality test, or maybe I have come across it. I like to think I’m a better writer than speaker.

  • Reed Farrington

    Glad you and Bizarro Nate took the time to comment.