A Quiet Place: Part II Delayed Due to COVID-19

Paramount’s upcoming release of A Quiet Place: Part II is the latest major Hollywood film to fall victim to the coronavirus outbreak. With the World Health Organization recently reclassifying COVID-19 as a pandemic and a flurry of major announcements happening yesterday (including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson both announcing that they have been diagnosed), things are continuing to snowball. Earlier this week, Sony announced that they were pushing Peter Rabbit 2 and now John Krasinski has taken to social media to confirm that A Quiet Place: Part II will no longer hit theatres on March 20th as originally planned:

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A new release date for A Quiet Place: Part II has not yet been announced, although an official statement from the studio is still expected to be forthcoming. Disney is still pushing forward with Mulan as far as we know, but at this point you have to wonder how long it will be before movie theatres simply shut down for a month or two. If there are no major releases to bring people in and moviegoers are staying away from public gatherings in the first place, it really doesn’t make sense to stay open. Theatres in Ireland have reportedly started implementing a new seat buffer policy in the meantime. Do you think movie theatres should stay open during the coronavirus crisis?

  • Jake

    Fast 9 has also been moved to 2021. Crazy times.

  • With the impending quarantines and self-isolation maybe Netflix should want to snatch this bad boy up. It certainly would obliterate those Bird Box records because what will people do if they have to stay at home other than watch Netflix (or in Frank’s case, maybe assemble a BBQ)?