Game Junk Prototype Episode #1: New Xbox Series X Details


We introduce an experimental new format and discuss new Xbox Series X details as well as Gears 5, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Apple Arcade. Apologies for some of the audio issues, we’re working to have them resolved next time. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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  • Xidor

    I look forward to listening!

  • Blake in Boston

    Yes, yes, yes. More of this!

  • Beat_C

    cool idea!

  • pcch7

    Loving it

  • benvernel

    Hey guys, loved the pod. When my podcast has to record remotely what we do is get on a group call with our airpods in, then use our normal mics to record ourselves (separate from the group call) as individual tracks. Then we email out tracks to whoever is editing and they layer them together so it sounds like a normal episode. As long as you start with a countdown it’s super simple to sync up in Audition. Hope that helps!

  • HuckCity

    The issue we have is that Sean is literally recording in his car outside of his office, so we didn’t have an optimal setup ;)

  • yonato

    Eyes “not being able to notice anything above 60 fps” is a myth. I personally feel a big difference with 60 fps vs 144 fps. It’s also the reason why VR headsets are 120 fps+, less than that will result in motion sickness.

  • yonato

    Also I got pretty frustrated listening to Frank. I think I have pretty much the opposite views in many cases about game design, lol.

  • Sean

    Yeah we usually do that for Film Junk. I could potentially use a mini-recorder when I’m mobile but we’re also trying to find a way to do this with minimal post-production.

    The main issue we need to solve right now is that Frank’s setup sometimes kicks the USB audio input over from the board to his monitor speakers, which is what happens when you hear me cut out and sound far away all of a sudden. No idea why it is doing that.

  • andyluvsfilms

    I bought an Xbox One X this week just so I can keep up with the banter. Playing something called Pillars Of Eternity. Splendid stuff.

  • benvernel

    Oh yeah of course, ha, oops. I’d listen every week if it was the same audio quality as Prototype 1 though, so no stress! (I also thought the new format was actually titled ‘Prototype’ which would be a dope title for a pod haha)

  • Jonny Ashley

    This is quality content! Game-daddy Frankie brings the noise!

  • benvernel

    There’s a great little adapter that converts XLR mic into 3.5mm (with a little output jack so you can plug headphones in too). Stumbled across it at my job at a radio station. It’s called the iRig.

  • Sean

    Thanks, I have seen that around. I might have to look into it!

  • OsoDuck

    I’m not on board with his criticism of Link’s Awakening. The series was designed with adventure in mind so having the designers tell you what to do at every moment of the game would seem unadventurous, to say the least. And although I do enjoy Frank’s bluster, one can see why it is advantageous to have Jay take him down a few pegs on Film Junk.

  • Andrew Lincoln

    I’m into the experiment.

    Possible names (though Prototype is swell):
    Mini-Game Junk
    Game Junkette
    Game Junk Mini
    Game Junk Weekly
    Game Junk Update
    Lil Game Junk
    Game Junk Mobile
    Game Junk XP
    Game Junk NOW
    Game Junk Sean Car
    Game Junk Rapid Fire
    Game Junk Drop
    Game Junk Eggs Benedict (?)

  • Jr

    +1 for Game Junk Eggs Benedict

  • devolutionary

    Prototype is a cool enough name. If you wanted to get uber-techy you could call it the Game Junk Mini like Andrew Lincoln suggested. Considering the audio issues or “hot takes” you love dolling out, call it Game Junk Alpha or Beta for a “byte”-sized regular release schedule.

    Subjective Dev build interpretations:
    Alpha: Usually the first normally interact-able thing out (private or public use is irrelevant).
    Beta: Most of it is working – all intended features may not be deployed yet – but its still breaking or at least bugging out often.

  • Love the prospect of more Game Junk—hope these stick around. In terms of a title, I’ll toss in a vote for something in the Game Boy family:

    Game Junk Micro
    Game Junk Pocket

  • Lori Cerny

    Game Junk Byte.

  • Andrew Lincoln

    One more: Game Junk Microdose