Film Junk Premium Podcast #77: Star Trek: The Next Generation


Someone once said, “Don’t try to be a great man. Just be a man and let history make its own judgements.” In honour of the debut of the new TV series Star Trek: Picard, his month’s premium podcast is a trip back to the ’90s as we revisit all four Star Trek: The Next Generation movies including Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis. Star Trek pseudo-expert Reed Farrington joins us for this nearly four hour journey as we discuss such cerebral topics as time travel paradoxes, the feasibility of TNG’s future technology, the appeal of various Star Trek uniforms, the limitations of the Prime Directive, the show’s evolution to a feature film franchise and the directorial skill of Two Takes Frakes. Are characters killed and resurrected every time they go through a transporter? Does the Borg Queen go against the entire concept of The Borg? Why did The Original Series movies succeed where so many of The Next Generation movies failed? Make it so and download this month’s premium podcast below.

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  • Loren

    Nice!!! Been waiting for this one for awhile. I put the over/under at 3 times that Frank calls Star Trek .. Star Wars.

  • devolutionary

    I’m impressed that this Premium extended longer than the Original Series. For some reason, it felt like Reed rambled or contributed less here (hard to believe?) but maybe that comes down to more discussion from the FJ “non-experts”. ;).
    I seriously lost it when Jay re-asserted his “Rip them out!” line to Reed when discussing Trek at a Convention.
    For another Anthony Zerbe (Insurrection) scene where his face is stretched to oblivion, check out License to Kill.

  • devolutionary
  • pcch7

    I think Frank is right for sure, that people like Data. He’s my favorite character in TNG

  • pcch7

    This was a great premium btw, was looking forward to it a lot. I’m in the third season of TNG now and loving it

  • pcch7

    And I would love some Patreon stuff on TNG series

  • Derek Reilly

    For a so called Star Trek expert, Reed sure didn’t know a lot of stuff ????.

    I’d also be all in on a Patreon TNG podcast!!

  • Lori Cerny

    Agreed. Brent Spiner did an excellent job, particularly for me, in Clues or any episode where he has to be incredibly solemn and stoic – more android than goofy. Appreciated his relationship with Capt Picard over anyone else, too.

  • pcch7

    Yeah I loved the episode when Picard has to defend Data’s rights. I love all the goofy stuff too though, his little expressions. Like when someone does something, he computes it and then sorta shrugs with his eyebrows, cracks me up. And when he gets a beard

  • Lori Cerny

    ST: OST will always be my love – the triad relationship is incredible – with or without the NIN Closer slash video (hee hee).

    Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion !!!! Any Trek would be appreciated, guys.

    I am loving the new Frank. Not only is he into ST:TNG, but The Outer Limits ?!? I am all astonishment.

  • Reed Farrington

    Frank is into The Outer Limits. I’m astonished.

  • Reed Farrington

    I have a DVD of Licence to Kill in which the head explosion scene was trimmed out.

  • Reed Farrington

    It didn’t occur to me until this podcast that Surak and Sarek were similar sounding.

  • Reed Farrington

    Sean, in your description of this podcast above, you refer to a teleporter. In Star Trek, it’s called a transporter!

  • Sean

    Thanks Reed, I really should have had you proofread it.

  • devolutionary

    Ouch! That’s one of the most memorable scenes. Wonder what else they censored?

  • Nic

    Great premium again guys! Pretty insane how long this is considering you talk about just 4 films. I would also definitely be up for some TNG premium content but the little chat about Pinhead and the Borg also made me wonder if there could ever be a possibility for a Hellraiser premium? I know the franchise is very lackluster and 10 films are quite a lot but I have always enjoyed the premiums were you just rip the movies apart and I think Hellraiser is so weird and goofy that there is definitely a lot to talk about. You could also do a Clive Barker one and include some of the Hellraiser films, Candyman, Nightbreed and Rawhead Rex

  • Reed Farrington

    Actually, it might have been the laser disc version of Licence to Kill with the edit. I had a VHS copy of the laser disc.

  • You guys really shromped this one. Where can I order some goo-goo glasses? Bye

  • Bizzaro Nate

    This really was a great premium! Reed especially on point dropping some mad knowledge!

  • Lior

    I am only 30 minutes in but wanted to comment about the transporter technology discussion. This is all of the top of my head since I don’t have any Star Trek technical manual in front of me.

    Transporter technology was portrayed somewhat inconsistently in The Original Series. In some episodes, you saw a transporter device on the receiving end of the beam, and the person would be transported from the Enterprise to the room where the “receiver” was located, as in the episode “Court Martial” where Spock beams down to bring a physical copy of a computer file to Kirk… yes, in old ST you could digitize people but not computer files.
    Anyway, this makes much more sense technology-wise and supports the idea that the person being beamed “disintegrates” and is then “reconstructed” on the other side. The person never ceases to exist, the consciousness is preserved within the molecules which are shot down to the other device to be “opened”. Basically like sending out a digital file today. I also believe that at the current rate of technological advancement, humans might be able to come close to such a technology at some point. It’s still digital transfer, only on much more complicated scale, of course. But we already live in a digitized world.

    Then we have the episodes where crew people simply beam down into the middle of nowhere on some alien planet. This makes less sense, because you have no “receiver” device. It would be like if you sent me an email and I would still be able to open and read it without any email software.

    This approach, being much more practical for storytelling, carried further into TNG and all other Trek shows to this day. It creates some nonsensical situations where Picard’s enterprise have dedicated transporter rooms for receiving and sending, but is still capable of beaming anyone from anywhere and to anywhere aboard the ship.
    How does that effect the person’s consciousness? The “I am” of the person? I don’t know. But in TNG you do have the “transporter buffer” where people get stuck in or “kept” in in certain situations, so by that measure I would say you do not cease to exist. That some form of you is still out there somewhere, only not aware/conscious.

    But it’s really just extrapolation.

  • Sean

    This is a very interesting point. I should mention that I looked up transporters in the ol’ Star Trek Encyclopedia. It says that the person gets converted to energy and then reconstituted on the other end. Which contradicts the whole “recipe” thing a little bit.

  • Lior

    Yeah, I don’t think the transporter uses “recipes”. Interestingly enough, the replicator and Holodeck which are derivatives of the transporter technology (as Jay mentions) appear only 100 years in the future. In real-world terms the order would probably have been revered, since the transporter is the most outrageous application of this technology. A replicator is a very sophisticated 3D printer and the Holodeck is a very sophisticated video game/interactive movie. But something like the transporter will turn the world upside down. But Star Trek’s world was developed in patches, so… I guess you could always argue Kirk and company had replicators and holodecks, but we just never saw them use it. :-)

    I don’t even take ST Discovery’s technology into account here – a show that takes place BEFORE Kirk – but personally I really don’t consider Discovery as cannon anyway.

  • After listening to this, I started watching the original series. I would really enjoy you guys doing a Twin Peaks style series with Reed, maybe picking 10 episodes per season and going through. That’d be a lot of fun. Loved this!

  • Nick P.

    Just bought this a little late, been waiting 4 years for this! paid $17.01 American, hope you catch the reference.

  • Nick P.

    BTW, the room in the back where they have meetings is the “OBSERVATION LOUNGE”, Picards office is the “READY ROOM”, for a huge trekkie like me, I was cringing when Jay called it “picards quarters”……….

  • A couple seasons in and I’m realizing 10 episodes per season would be way too many, a handful would do.

  • Jay Lee

    Reed is about 37 shades of weird… but I’m warming to it.