Anaconda Reboot in the Works


When it comes to movie franchises that would be an obvious choice to reboot, Anaconda is not one that immediately comes to mind. The 1997 original starred Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson and Eric Stoltz as members of a documentary crew in the Amazon rainforest who are forced to help a snake hunter (Jon Voight) find and kill a giant green anaconda snake. The movie made $136 million worldwide and spawned several sequels (one theatrical and the rest direct-to-video), and although that might not sound like a ton of money, thanks to home video sales it is said to be one of the most profitable titles in Sony’s portfolio. The most recent installment was a crossover called Lake Placid vs. Anaconda and it was released just a few years ago. Now Sony is looking to bring the series back to theatres with a fresh reboot. Hit the jump for more info.

According to THR, Sony has hired screenwriter Evan Daugherty to pen an Anaconda reboot for Columbia Pictures. Daugherty is best known for writing Snow White and the Huntsman but he also has credits on several other recent tentpoles including Divergent, Tomb Raider and 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No director or producer is attached as of yet.

The movie is said to be a “reimagining” rather than a sequel or straight up remake and the studio is aiming to take a “Meg-style approach to the concept.” Obviously The Meg was a huge hit for Warner Brothers making an insane $530 million worldwide, but other recent movies like The Shallows, Crawl and 47 Meters Down have proven that there is a market for mid-range animal horror movies as well. No word on whether Jennifer Lopez or Ice Cube would consider returning. Do you think now is the right time for an Anaconda reboot?

  • Ben Bueno

    What can you do..

  • Lori Cerny

    Crameo by Niki Minaj??

  • Lori Cerny

    Ya know, last night I watched a horror film about a calf, yes, a “moo” calf, that stalks and kills people. So, why the fuck not?