Taron Egerton in Talks for Little Shop of Horrors Remake


Despite being overlooked by the Academy for his performance in Rocketman, Taron Egerton did win a Golden Globe and the movie proved to be a great showcase for his singing abilities. Now he seems to be in the process of booking another gig that will allow him to flex his vocal cords once again. We are hearing that Egerton is circling the lead role in the upcoming remake of Little Shop of Horrors that is currently in development at Warner Brothers. What’s more, he is also not the only big name actor reportedly being pursued for the movie. Hit the jump for more info.

According to Full Circle Cinema, Taron Egerton is in talks to play Seymour Krelborn in a new version of Little Shop of Horrors. This is the same role played by Rick Moranis in the 1986 Frank Oz version and Jonathan Haze in Roger Corman’s 1960 film. Jeff Snieder is also reporting that Scarlett Johannson was offered the role of Audrey, while Billy Porter was previously rumoured to voice Audrey II, the man-eating plant.

Greg Berlanti (Love, Simon) still seems to be attached to direct the new remake from a script by Matthew Robinson (The Invention of Lying). Berlanti has been pretty busy with all of the DC Arrowverse shows over at The CW these days, so that might explain why it is taking a while to get the movie made. Either way, based on this casting, it sounds like they are aiming for a much wider audience than either of the previous films reached. Are you excited to see a new version of Little Shop of Horrors?

  • eliantigiorgi

    As long as they don’t remake the musical it’s ok with me.

  • Lori Cerny

    Rick Moranis will always be my Seymour, but I’m intrigued to see casting for the dentist and Audrey II.