Film Junk Podcast Episode #737: Uncut Gems


0:00 – Intro
26:55 – Review: Uncut Gems
52:00 – Hot Topic: Letterboxd Police Interrogation
1:16:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Little Women, Richard Jewell, Cats, Atlantics, The Farewell, Shaft, Tammy and the T-Rex, The Art of Self-Defense, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Dunkirk, The Aeronauts, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Mandalorian
2:04:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:05:30 – Outro
2:07:15 – Spoiler Discussion: Uncut Gems

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  • devolutionary

    Semi-related to Jay’s comment on the Tammy and the T-Rex 4K Vinegar remaster. It’s a real shame that Sony is among the better mainstream studios to put out consistent quality 4K transfers. The caveat being that a large chunk of them are mediocre and middling.
    ie: MIB: International, Angry Birds 2, Brightburn, Equalizer 2, Goosebumps 2, Smurfs, Emoji Movie, Venom, Dark Tower.

  • Ben Bueno

    The interrogation was a hell of a bit. Good job!

  • Ben Bueno

    Oh and, I thought 1917 was way better than Dunkirk. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

  • OsoDuck

    I thought Knives Out was supposed to be on the Film Junk chopping block. Booyah!!

    Edit: You reviewed it already and I forgot.

  • milan

    loved the part in uncut gems when sandler mentions the fact that the nba wouldn’t let 76ers go over celtics (the refs will make sure of that)… something that frankie talks all the time on ball junk!

  • stevens1

    Just to note that Arno wasn’t just a family member who got in over his head, but the boss of the two other guys. He was the one Sandler owed money to. You can even hear it in the trailer when he accuses Sandler of resurfacing his pool.

  • Sam

    What I gathered, though could be wrong, was that yeah, he was “the boss” of those other two men but only in the sense that he was paying them as henchmen to help retrieve what he was owed. But part of me felt that he didn’t have a long history with them and wasn’t exactly sure what these men were capable of, which is why I also kind of felt he was in over his head as well. I could just be assuming a ton but that’s kind of what I felt that relationship was while watching.

  • stevens1

    I had a check on Wiki and the plot says he’s a loan shark, and during the film I never had a sense he was anything else but. Ultimately the situation just got out of hand in the end.

  • Beat_C

    frank was in fine form this week ????

  • Lior

    Sony’s strength I think lies in their catalog releases, not contemporary films, which are the usual modern mainstream junk.

  • Lior

    It was a great interrogation, too bad it had more to do with Frank’s hygiene habits than with Letterboxd…

  • Ben Bueno

    What?! That was the best part!

  • Lior

    I didn’t say it wasn’t.

  • Sam

    Did they ever bring up submitting something as rewatch even thoujgh it was his first time watching it?

    Also, Frankie is a handsome man

  • Lior

    I’m not sure about rewatches logged as first-time watches, but I definitely remember something about shitting in bathtubs.

    Yes, a very attractive man.

  • sukosuko1

    Usually agree with you guys, but def mixed opinions on RT on Uncut Gems! To me it felt like a minor loser-ish character from the Sopranos shouting for 2 hours, with a bad 1980s synth soundtrack.