Film Junk Podcast Episode #735: Waves


0:00 – Intro
28:55 – Review: Waves
49:30 – Hot Topic: Star Wars Fandom
1:23:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, Jumanji: Reverse the Curse VR
1:35:40 – Outro
1:38:15 – Spoiler Discussion: Waves

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  • Deven Science

    Hey Frank, I know the chances of you ever coming to Sacramento for business or whatever are slim, but if you do, there’s a small ramen house here that secretly has the best wings I’ve ever had. Period. It’s strange, they have only two American dishes on the menu, wings are one of them, and they’re worth killing for.

  • gibson8

    I have the polar opposite reaction to Frank’s giggling usually because it follows some ludicrous waffling. Pleased to see Frank admit to being a hypocrite in the Scarface pod though. This is a sign of slight progress with his condition. I might need to update my list of symptoms for what constitutes ‘Frankitis’ to emphasise the importance of giggling.

    noun: frankitis

    ‘a condition characterised by an intense aversion and ignorance of concepts, ideas, trends and techniques that predate a person’s birth and sphere of existence. When the sufferer is presented with the possibility that their illness is interfering with their judgement and powers of reason they have a tendency to giggle uncontrollably or pass wind in an equally uncontrollable fashion. The breaking of wind is indicative of the existence of ‘Frankitis’.

  • sumit baghel