Harrison Ford to Star in The Staircase TV Adaptation


Although there are plenty of great movies based on true stories out there, somehow the situation always gets trickier when there is already a well-known documentary on the subject. Fictionalized adaptations of documentaries like Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk and Welcome to Marwen can’t help looking hokey in comparison to the real thing, and although there have been a lot of docs getting optioned in recent years, only a handful have actually been produced (just check out this list for proof). Now the trend of documentary “remakes” seems to be moving into the realm of TV, propelled by the popularity of the true crime genre. The Staircase, arguably one of the greatest true crime documentary series of all time, is about to get a narrative adaptation with a major Hollywood star headlining. Hit the jump for more info.

According to Variety, Harrison Ford is attached to star in a series adaptation of The Staircase, the 2004 documentary series directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. The story follows the trial of American novelist Michael Peterson, whose wife Kathleen Peterson died after falling down the stairs in their home. He was accused of bludgeoning her to death and the documentary crew followed the trial from the perspective of Peterson and his defense team as they are forced to adapt to the many twists and turns in the case.

The new series is being set up at Annapurna Television, who are currently shopping it around to various networks and streaming services. Antonio Campos (Simon Killer) will write and executive produce while Ford is also attached as an executive producer. It will potentially be the first time Ford has starred in a TV series although it will not be the first time he plays a character accused of killing his wife. Do you have any interest in seeing a Hollywood version of The Staircase?

  • Lori Cerny

    I sat through 2004’s The Staircase in one sitting.

    I love Ford, but this doesn’t feel right.

  • blackcurly

    It needs to be about the film’s narrative being bent by bias when the filmmaker falls in love with Peterson. That’s the story I wanted after I watched it. Couldn’t believe that when I found out after watching. That’s the story I wanted to see. Actually thought about writing a fictional story about the same premise. A documentarian falling in love with the subject and turning her documentary into a plea for his innocence.

    Loved the lawyer in this by the way. Wonder who will play him?

  • Mark Ruffalo?

  • Glen

    The documentary “Man on a Wire” was such a beautiful film whereas the fictionalized version “The Walk” straing Joseph Gordon Levitt was an abomination. I skipped that as I will this.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Harrison should be the attorney. John C McGinley is the only actor who should play Peterson.

  • Jake

    He never crossed my mind, but damn, that would be perfect casting. They should definitely do that.