Film Junk Podcast Episode #731: The Mandalorian


0:00 – Intro: Disney+ Discussion
39:30 – Review: The Mandalorian
1:02:30 – Hot Topic: PG-13 Horror Movies
1:17:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Irishman, Ford v Ferrari, Swiss Family Robinson, Happy Death Day 2U, Fuzzbucket, Dolemite Is My Name, Honeyland, Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!
1:59:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:01:30 – Outro
2:05:00 – Spoiler Discussion: The Mandalorian

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  • Mrespony
  • stevens1

    Palpable tension this week between Jay and Frank. Shame Frank’s obnoxiousness levels were off the charts this week.

  • Nic

    The new sound drops are absolutely fantastic. Loughed out loud multiple times this episode

  • devolutionary

    Even though Frank’s clearly painting a narrative, gotta love the fact that the Gore Hound (Verbinski that is) didn’t bring up the 2002 Ring remake as an effective PG-13 horror. Maybe we could get a cut-down palatable version called ‘A Cure For Welland‘ also?

  • Sam

    Has Frank already watched more stuff with Disney+ than he has off Criterion Channel?

  • Lori Cerny


  • Frank’s a Fan Man!

  • Daemon

    The score for The Mandalorian is excellent. I also noticed the heavy similarities to Rocky (especially at a point in the end credits). I thought I was maybe just making it up, so I checked who did the soundtrack and it’s by Ludwig Göransson, who also did, yup, both Creed movies…

  • devolutionary

    Frank may have a case of OCDD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disney Disorder), DRISD, DOID (Disney Over-Idealization Disorder) or even worse, DDD (Disassociative Disney Disorder). Source: DisneyFanatic.com

  • Yeah, the neglect of The Ring as maybe *the* PG-13 horror movie was a bummer. I also didn’t realize that The Shallows was PG-13 until Blake Lively expended the film’s one “fuck” in dialogue, so that one’s up there for me. There’s also all sorts of fun kid’s horror that comes in the PG to PG-13 spectrum, but movies like Little Monsters or ParaNorman or Ghostbusters or whatever are not competing in the exact same arena as a slasher remake.

    I found myself cooling extremely fast on the new Black Christmas when I found out, and I don’t know which would be worse, the filmmaker was forced into it by the studio (a pure market analysis on their part) or if she really thinks young women would be better served by deliberately msking something lamer and tamer than its precursors.

  • What’s the beef with Keanu? He’s in everything? He was in four things in 2019 and three of those things were bit parts (less than 5 minutes of screen time each).

    Next year he’s in three things. One is a video game and one is a voice in an animated film.

    So what the fuck are you talking about?

  • Beat_C

    same here!

  • OsoDuck

    Give me liberty or give me Disney+.

  • OsoDuck

    Nice pull.

  • Sean

    Yeah I noticed this afterward when I was pulling the music for the podcast. It also made me wonder if the song title “You are a Mandalorian” is partially meant as a cheeky reference to the song title “You’re a Creed”.

  • Sean

    Frank doesn’t like anything that is popular!

  • Yeah but how is Keanu “popular” right now? I mean John Wick is huge (and overrated imo) but he’s not in that much right now.

  • TimC

    Frank is on fire and only getting better each week. Long live the KOC.

  • devolutionary

    Frank pulled the same anecdotal evidence when talking about Laurie Metcalf right around the time of her “Ladybird” buzz. He seemed more obsessed than any supposed fan of hers.

  • stevens1

    That’s what happens in the Welland bubble.

  • frankw35

    Regarding Studio Executive Frank’s suggestion for a Dolemite/Bowfinger double bill–it actually happened this week in LA, with an Eddie Murphy appearance.

  • Lori Cerny

    But, has he seen this..

  • Ben Bueno

    Fuck Disney

  • Lior

    Does Disney + carry anything from Touchstone? Hollywood Pictures? Are there any non-Simpson titles from Fox?

    Without all this stuff it’s a glorified kids channel (which I guess is great for kids). I mean, unless you’re a real huge fan of Marvel, Star Wars or the classic animated movies (and if you are, you probably already have most of these on physical media), I just don’t see the appeal.
    Sure, there are a lot of Marvel fans out there, but still… does anyone subscribe to Disney + for the live action Disney movies from the 70’s and 80’s? Most of these are brutal, and even nostalgia won’t make them prettier.

    On paper Netflix and even Amazon have a huge advantage simply in that they offer a wider variety of genres, moods and styles.

  • Sean

    To be fair, Frank doesn’t have the Criterion Channel.

  • Sean

    It is definitely a glorified kids channel although there are some Touchstone releases on there (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Sister Act, Adventures in Babysitting). They have said there will be no R-rated content on the service.

    I can say that I know a bunch of people who seemingly only subscribe to Netflix to watch their favourite Marvel movies over and over again, so for those people, Disney+ is exactly what they want.

    They just announced their line-up of new titles for December and it is pretty lacklustre indeed.

  • Lior

    This article seems to be having a different opinion (“the gift that keeps on giving!”), unless it’s being sarcastic. I can’t tell…

  • TimC

    Buzzfeed must be in on the DIC payola.

  • LordAwesome

    There’s the bottom dregs of the Internet… then there’s buzzfeed.

  • OsoDuck

    YouTube just recommended this video to me, so I had to recommend it to Frank who needs it more than me. A Keanu Reeves worship song done in the style of a Disney animated movie. Keanu Reeves, best Disney princess?

  • Mike Maryman

    Something I wonder about services like Disney+ is that it is basically people paying to have access to things they might never necessarily watch. As someone who “grew up” in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s…..sure, in theory it is pretty cool to have all those shows at my finger tips, but what is the reality of me sitting down every day and spending my time watching this stuff? I mostly subscribe to Disney+ because I have kids and this service will be their main outlet to consume Disney stuff once we finally cut the Direct TV cord. The Mandalorian is pretty neat too. I like the Jeff Goldlum lifestyle show too, but there isn’t enough original content on the service currently that I would say is worth keeping it if it wasn’t for the fact that I have kids.

  • gibson8

    Long live the cock…I suppose one possible explanation for anyone tolerating Frank is if they have the same arrogance and stupidity…and love penis. Frank: The King Of Contrarianism.

  • TimC

    Strange, I know, but I only listen to podcasts with hosts I can tolerate.

  • gibson8

    Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad..