Naomie Harris in Talks to Play Shriek in Venom 2


We’ve been hearing for a while now that the upcoming Venom sequel would likely pit Eddie Brock against well-known Spider-Man villain Carnage aka Cletus Kasady. Woody Harrelson played the character in the first film, although he didn’t actually show up until the post-credit sequence, and will be taking center stage in the next movie. This week, however, we are also learning that another lesser known villain will be involved as well, one that has strong ties to the fan favourite Maximum Carnage storyline from the comics. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to Variety, Naomie Harris is in talks to play Shriek in Venom 2. Shriek is a mutant with the power of flight and sound manipulation and she has historically been an ally / love interest for Carnage. Her ability to create sonic blasts makes her a serious threat to Venom (and, potentially, Carnage as well). If Sony is planning to bring Maximum Carnage to the big screen, it could find Venom teaming up with Spider-Man and/or other Marvel heroes to take on Carnage and Shriek.

It can be a problem having too many villains in a comic book movie, but in this case it makes sense and it feels like Venom needs a few more characters to bounce off of anyway. Harris is best known for playing Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig 007 films but she was also nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Moonlight. Venom 2 is being directed by Andy Serkis and it does not have an official release date although there is speculation that it may arrive in October of next year. Are you looking forward to Venom 2?