Film Junk Podcast Episode #727: 3 From Hell


0:00 – Intro
11:05 – Review: 3 From Hell
44:30 – Hot Topic: How Important Are Opening Credit Sequences?
1:12:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Hole in the Ground, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, FearDotCom, Nightmare Beach, Child’s Play (2019), Hercules and The Haunted World, The Invisible Ray, Absurd
2:00:55 – Outro

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  • While there was zero hesitation signing up for the Patreon, I must say that the idea of Junkers choosing topics, even for just a portion of the show, is tough to swallow. As I have discussed previously with other Junkers, the FJ crew historically dislike or have been uninterested whenever they discuss a topic, or watch a movie, that the Junkers recommended.

    Let me put it this way. If you base things around what us mouth-breathing normies want, you end up with a video store that has been out of business for years. If you do whatever you want, circumvent the law, exist in a moral grey area, than you end up with a video store in 2019 that sells new release UHDs for $10 to police officers who buy them by the basket full…

    I know which store I prefer.

  • Sean

    Well it’s not like we’re letting the inmates run the asylum here. We’re only putting stuff on the polls that we are interested in talking about in the first place. The real question is whether we will have enough stuff we are interested in to keep putting on a poll every week. Keep those suggestions coming!

  • stevens1

    The end of the decade is next year, not this year! Hold fire on any potential lists!

  • As neat as it is to include us Patrons in polling on topics I do concur with FilmApe’s sentiments that this probably should not mean you have to poll a discussion topic every week (just) to make it a standard thing. Since that (sooner or later) would end up in a Trailer Trash / Junk Mail direction where you’re tired of doing something for the sake of doing it or feeling the need to give back to tier-droppers.

    You guys should just do you and bath in that well earned Patreon money.

  • Sean
  • stevens1

    Dunno man, time for you guys to lead from the front! 21st century started on Jan 1 2001 ends 31 Dec 2100. That’s because the first ever decade ended with year 10 in the AD calendar. We count the gaps between the numbers when it comes to dates – for example, it’s two day until Thursday (you don’t count today to make it three). Same applies to years at start of decade – I’m trying to save you guys some work here!

  • Eric Holmes

    Where does Fincher’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opening titles fit into your discussion? I think the titles are fantastic. So much so that the rest of the movie is underwhelming by comparison.

  • You treat us better than we deserve Sean.

  • *knuckle bump*

  • Tony S
  • Tony S
  • yonato
  • Bizzaro Nate

    I noticed during opening credits a lot of time when “Music By…” pops up the background music always swells or suddenly hits a catchy beat, like the movie is saying, “Listen to that music…it’s so great right?? Well, it’s brought to you by this person.” Look for it the next time you watch any opening credit sequence in a movie. Maybe I’m crazy tho.

  • Lior

    Frank’s crazy, the Ghost Protocol opening credits are the best in the series! I also like how the Mission: Impossible films give a giant middle finger to spoiler-phobia culture by incorporating scenes from the beginning, middle and end of the film in the opening credits (of course this is faithful recreation of the TV show’s opening credits).

    Hollywood has pretty much done away with big opening credits for its tentpole pictures. Comic book movies for example, by and large, have no opening credits anymore, with some notable exceptions (Guardians of the Galaxy). Everybody loses. We lose because we don’t get a grand, exciting opening credits sequence to usher us into the film (remember Superman?), and the filmmakers lose because almost nobody stays to watch end credits in the theater or even at home. Part of me thinks that the famous Marvel end-credits stinger was invented solely to keep audiences in their seats to watch the end credits (which should have been the opening credits) that people worked so hard on.

    A good opening credits sequence will usually stand on its own and provide a thematic and tonal entryway into the film. The most notable example I can think of from recent years is Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford’s masterpiece from 2016. You watch that opening credits sequence and you immediately know what kind of film you’re getting into, what the thematic language is, and it also fulfills another important function of the opening credit sequence: showcasing the musical score, usually by using the main theme.

    In a world that is in constant hurry to get somewhere, the art of the opening credits has somewhat been lost, but when smart fllmmakers know how to utilize it, the results can be magnificent and enhance the film considerably.

  • Jake

    Thanks for another great episode. Any plans to review Zombieland 2? It has new rules for Jay to rant about lol.

  • Sean

    Maybe when it hits VOD? I don’t know, there’s a lot of stuff coming out next month but I’ll definitely watch it eventually.

  • Claudio

    Opening credits, great topic. I personally hate when movies start without one. At least show me the goddamn title of the film i’m sitting in! It bothers me everytime a director decides to not have one at the beginning. Star Trek Beyond made me even angry because it had no opening credit scene. I mean we’re talking Star Trek here with its famous theme for god sake (also pretty stupid for Lucasfilm to not have the Star Wars Theme infront of every Star Wars movie)! From that point on i knew the film would be shit and it was shit. On the other hand there was Warcraft with its great march and bombastic title at the beginning and i was in the right mood immediately – and the movie won in the end. So for me a title sequence is a necessity. Without it, it feels like a book without a cover – and who the fuck would buy a book without a cover?? I absolutely wont.

    There are exceptions of course: the Dark Knight trilogy. And that’s because Nolan – the genius he is – does something great with the titles at the end. He refers with them to what comes next or better, to the situation Batman is in right then. So at the end of Batman Begins, Batman begins! At the end of TDK Batman is the Dark Knight and at the end of TDKR Batman rises literally! At the beginning those titles would make no sense but they do at the end. Of course he starts the films with his take on the Batman logo, so not really with no title at all.

    Here is the rule: if you are not a genius filmaker, put at least a fucking title at the beginning of your movie!

  • Good work

  • Jake

    Big fan of the opening credits for Vacancy:

  • Lori Cerny


  • Straight from my LetterBoxd review…

    I legit think Zombie is one of the most interesting, certainly unique, directors working today. I just wish his scripts and ambition weren’t so brainless and lacking substance.

    Get a script from Tarantino or Mamet, cast someone other than your friends and wife and you very well could look at a best picture nod. Seriously.

  • The Lighthouse
    The Current War
    Pain and Glory

    All out wide this week.

  • Each time I watch “The Fugitive” the credits pull me out of the movie for a second. They don’t show up until it seems like 25 minutes into the movie. There’s a lot of plot that happens and then boom, the credits show up and you go “oh damn, the movie i just starting!”

  • I’ll just drop this here. A nice blog capturing great credits sequences:

  • Sean

    Not in Canada, that’s for sure. And according to Box Office Mojo, out of those only The Current War is wide in the U.S. but they don’t always have expansion details for movies that opened in limited release.

  • Lior

    One of the best!

  • colin the dude

    I would like to draw attention to the opening credits for Good Time, which touch all the glory.

  • OsoDuck
  • Kevin Cardoza

    Personally, the opening credits to Enter The Void are my favs. Based on your opinions on the rest of the movie, I have a hunch you guys either forgot about it or hated it.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    you guys tried to tell Frank that ‘Teaching Mrs. Tingle’ wasn’t a horror movie back on episode 531 but he wouldn’t listen, ha.

  • gibson8

    ‘bathe’. Don’t hate me. Btw you are right that this enforced topic shit will play to the junkers weaknesses.

  • Christopher Quack

    The Warriors has a great opening credits sequence . Begins with a perfect shot of the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island followed by some exposition about who the Warriors are and what the storys about. Interspersed with all the gangs getting on the subway, with a front view shot of trains traveling through the underground tunnels as credits zoom up to the screen. Its sweet!