Paul Dano to Play the Riddler in The Batman


Well that was quick. Less than a day after it was reported that Jonah Hill had passed on the villain role in The Batman, Warner Brothers and director Matt Reeves have already found their replacement. Paul Dano has signed on to take Hill’s place and there does not seem to be any confusion over what role he is playing. We are hearing pretty definitively that he will play the Riddler in the upcoming film. Whether or not there is still another villain role yet to be cast remains to be seen. Hit the jump for more details.

According to THR, Paul Dano will play the Riddler in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. His version of the character will reportedly be named Edward Nashton as opposed to the usual Edward Nygma, although it is unclear if that represents a significant departure from previous incarnations or if it is just a way to avoid calling him “E. Nygma”. The Riddler was last played on the big screen by Jim Carrey back in 1995 in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever.

Dano seems like a great choice to play a comic book villain, having the ability to go big with his performances but also subtle when necessary. He is probably best known for There Will Be Blood and Little Miss Sunshine but he was recently nominated for an Emmy for his role in Escape at Dannemora. Deadline is reporting that WB is still looking for someone to play the Penguin in the movie and that Jonah Hill was never really up for the Riddler role, even though he wanted it. What do you think, is Paul Dano an inspired choice for the Riddler?

  • Jake

    I think Dano could be pretty good in the role. Should have known too that Hill never had a chance for the Riddler. I wonder if he was offended that they wanted him for the “fat” character.

    And I could be wrong but I think the character starts off as Edward Nashton in the comics and only changes his name once he becomes the Riddler. One of the drunk uncles would need to confirm :)

  • Fideliolioli

    FYI, Hill didn’t “pass” on the Penguin role; he was asking $10 million to do it, and Pattinson was only getting $5 million to play Batman, so the studio said, no.

  • tabby meenie

    yay! i’m interested now.