David Cronenberg to Adapt His Novel Consumed for Netflix


Over the past few years, we’ve been hearing that David Cronenberg is all but retired from filmmaking. Fortunately, much like Steven Soderbergh, it appears that these reports have been greatly exaggerated. Since his last film Maps to the Stars, Cronenberg has kept busy by acting in a few movies (including Viggo Mortensen’s upcoming film Falling) but he has also been developing a few things on the side. He was working on an original Netflix series that they eventually passed on, but now we are hearing that he is also developing something else for Netflix: a TV series based on his own novel Consumed. Hit the jump for more details.

According to World of Reel (via The Film Stage), Cronenberg was recently presenting a 4k restoration of his 1995 film Crash in Montreal where he revealed that he was in pre-production on a Netflix adaptation of Consumed. The plan is for him to write and direct the series, although it still sounds like it may or may not happen. He also talked about it in a recent interview with The Globe and Mail:

“I really thought that I was finished with filmmaking. I was getting bored with it. I thought that I would end up writing another novel, and then I got interested in the whole Netflix thing and the idea of a streaming series. To my surprise, I found myself flying down to L.A. to pitch an idea to Netflix, which they liked enough to green-light two episodes, which I wrote. But then they decided to pass. I’m trying to set it up somewhere else, but that got me back to think that maybe I’m not done with it after all. I’m involved with [producer] Robert Lantos on two things now: a script, which I’d written some time ago, and a series based on my novel, Consumed.”

This news is somewhat surprising because AMC had optioned Consumed a few years back with The Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson developing it as a series there. Apparently they decided to pass and then somehow the project came back to Cronenberg. Either way, it is particularly exciting for Cronenberg fans because it could mark a return to horror for him after getting away from the genre over the past two decades. Are you looking forward to Consumed?

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