Film Junk Podcast Episode #725: Joker


0:00 – Intro: The Seaway Saga Continues, Patreon Discussion
45:35 – Review: Joker
1:17:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: One Cut of the Dead, Psycho, American Psycho, The Bouncer, The Boys, Diego Maradona, Frat House, Pledge Night, Life, Rambo: Last Blood, Ad Astra, The Stand, Prometheus, Alien: Covenant, The Vineyard, Jennifer’s Body, Ginger Snaps, The Shallows, The Black Cat, The Raven, Murders in the Zoo, Psycho II, Final Destination Series, Piranha 3D, I Walked With a Zombie
2:01:55 – Outro
2:14:25 – Spoiler Discussion: Joker
3:14:15 – Spoiler Review: One Cut of the Dead

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  • Matt the Kiwi

    An hour long spoiler discussion!?? Dammit, now I AM gonna have to see the Joker after all.

  • Essie

    Thank you for the show. It’s neat to see such a big what we watched section again.

  • Newtman98

    I remember Tarantino saying he was a huge fan of the highway scene in Final Destination 2. I think it was when he was doing promotion for Death Proof.

  • Sounds like they flubbed the seat reno at Seaway, here the backs recline as the feet come up. I can imagine Cineplex has uniform seats so it sounds like they just didn’t have enough room behind to lean there.

  • bobsponge42

    Yoker? 12/5. Joker? TBD.

  • Jr

    Geez, for a second there I thought you were cancelling the show or someone was leaving.

  • Jake

    This is what I’ve been thinking. Each time they talk about this I just wonder if Seaway got different seats than other Cineplexes. The reclining seats seem to be getting more popular and I’ve had them at several different Cineplex locations and never had an issue.

  • Yeah, I love them at my local. The best thing they’ve done in a long time to upgrade the experience.

  • stevens1

    Got to back Sean on the Maradona doc. It only covers a 7 year period of a 21 year career, so not beat by beat. But the Napoli period is what defined him as a player and saw home become recognised as the best in the world and probably the best player to ever play the game.

  • bobsponge42

    There is one Cinemark/Century Theater in town that has a similar issue. The recliners don’t go back quite enough for anyone and ends up leaving you feeling like you’re in between sitting upright and lounging back. I always thought it was possibly to prevent people from “vadering”. ????

  • Corey Pierce

    Dax, i am heartbroken you did not make any notes for me.

  • devolutionary

    Yeah Psycho II is seriously underrated. Even if you go in wanting or expecting to hate on it, it shows remarkable restraint for 95% of the film and impressively avoids the early 80’s slasher tropes for most of the running. Anthony Perkins is excellent and this has to be one of the late Richard Franklin’s best films. A shame he passed on so soon. Unlike De Palma, He was actually a true student of Hitchcock and became good friends with him and his wife before their passing.

    Incidentally, I think Mick Garris directed Psycho IV which I remember nothing of.

  • Dan Gordon
  • devolutionary

    Mostly based on Phoenix’s performance, “Joker” is wavering somewhere between 4 and 4.25. There was some “Scorcese-isms” that were too on-the-nose and some of TP’s song cuts didn’t gel. At best, I hope this is a good gateway for comic book fans and casuals into even better films.
    “One Cut of the Dead” really is a hard movie to describe without spoiling although I feel that the 2nd and 3rd act reveal is a little overstated by the glowing reviews. Tonally, it doesn’t completely win me over but I definitely respect what Ueda was going for over the entire product.

  • I feel I must make a statement about some troubling behaviour from Frank in this episode. If he is the Letterboxd police, then consider this Letterboxd internal affairs.

    Firstly, he states he “really liked” Joker – 5 stars and a heart, but he “loved” One Cut – 4.5??? Is Nu-Frank back? No more robot brain?

    Then he goes after Sean for grossly overrating a doc, 1 star different than his own rating. Looking closely into this matter, it appears as though Frank logged it as a rewatch… The film came out this year according to Letterboxd, and unless I’m wrong, Frank made no mention of watching it twice and no other watches are logged.

    Frankly, I’m worried, and you may have to hand in your Letterboxd badge and gun for these transgressions.

  • samb

    “Shpark”, otherwise perfect!

  • Beat_C

    not sure what the point is of bringing on guests that hardly say anything and do one-sentence reviews of movies they watched, but otherwise it was a GREAT episode. best of luck with your patreon project!

  • RockJoker

    Not sure if anyone pointed it out before me, but Jay said the movie is shot on film. It was shot digital.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    I’m on board for the Patreon monthly donation but I kinda wished you’d waited until you’d waited for the Jordan Peterson / Dave Rubin alternative. Some sad person is probably already listening to your entire back catalogue just to find something they can report to their ‘Trust & Safety’ team. Sam Harris would be disappointed in you Jay (but he would also have to concede that you had no free will so, not really your fault).

  • Love that the Great Gordino shut One Cut of the Dead off after the credits. Reminded me of the time Greg watched the wrong Outlander.

    Bummed that Jay didn’t talk about Ozu’s Ohayô.

    Surprised that Jay didn’t mention the adjusted aspect ratio of The Shining UHD.

  • OsoDuck

    If you want to go full cynic, Joker represents a new low in Hollywood’s desperate scheming, because by simply applying a superhero theme to Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, it reboots or remakes two films that never would have been rebooted or remade in the natural order of things.

  • parapa

    Really hope at least one of you sees Gemini Man in high framerate.
    Having just come out of a 120 fps screening, I have to say this is absolutely game-changing. Maybe the most impressive technical achievement I’ve seen since Avatar. It is NOT the motion smoothing soap opera effect at all, it’s more like, you’re just watching real people having gun fights 4 feet in front of you. Things I’ve seen a million times, like a car blowing up, literally made me jump 2 feet out of my seat. If this is what Cameron has in store for the Avatar sequels, he’s going to blow minds

  • Kenneth Serenyi
  • Nobody

    After listening to the spoiler section for One Cut of the Dead, I figured I misheard things and thought Colin must’ve not watched the full movie either.

  • gibson8

    Dax’s One Cut comments… How the fuck do you think that 45 mins is the length of the movie and then show so little interest that you just assume you are right despite someone explaining that you are an idiot.

  • Film Gob

    You would think Dax being such an MCU fanboy he would stay till after the credits

  • Film Gob

    Please don’t invite Dax unless you’re reviewing one of those Marvel theme park movies

  • gibson8

    That is an excellent point which just makes his decision seem even stranger.

  • Ben Bueno

    Hi Sean, just a question. I’m not sure if this is an old thing that I just never noticed somehow or if this is a shitty update, but the Mixcloud player you use on the site – did it always ask for money when you tried to rewind? Either way, it suckssss.

  • Sean

    Yeah Lior mentioned that as well. I don’t remember it doing that previously but I think they did restrict rewinding to some extent. Either way, I think moving forward I’m going to start using the Libsyn embed instead which has no restrictions.

  • Kyle Grimes

    Frank, what the hell. That music cue was the WORST part of Joker. Wanted to barf