Kevin Feige to Produce New Star Wars Movie for Disney

Marvel Studios Hall H Panel

Although Disney and Lucasfilm previously stated that they would be taking a break from Star Wars movies for a little while after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it is clear that there will still be a lot going on behind the scenes. We know that Rian Johnson is developing a new trilogy of movies and Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss are writing and producing a new trilogy as well. Now this week it has come to light that Marvel Studios frontman Kevin Feige has been recruited to work on a new Star Wars movie of his own. Whether he will have any direct creative involvement remains to be seen, but Walt Disney Studios co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn had this to say about the news:

“We are excited about the projects Kathy and the Lucasfilm team are working on, not only in terms of Star Wars but also Indiana Jones and reaching into other parts of the company including Children of Blood and Bone with Emma Watts and Fox. With the close of the Skywalker Saga, Kathy is pursuing a new era in Star Wars storytelling, and knowing what a die-hard fan Kevin is, it made sense for these two extraordinary producers to work on a Star Wars film together.”

There is speculation that Kevin Feige could be moving towards a bigger role at Lucasfilm although Kathleen Kennedy’s position as president does not seem likely to change. Clearly Feige has helped make Marvel an unstoppable force in Hollywood and if they want to co-ordinate a whole new slate of upcoming Star Wars stories that interconnect and support each other, he seems like the right guy to help them do it. At the very least, his involvement should bring some goodwill from fans who believe that he can do no wrong. As for exactly what Feige’s Star Wars movie might be about, details are being kept under wraps. Do you think Kevin Feige can help steer the Star Wars franchise in the right direction post-Skywalker Saga?

  • Jake

    Frank’s prediction of there eventually being a Star Wars/Marvel shared universe are coming true lol. I’m pretty sure he mentioned this on the episode when Disney bought marvel or lucasfilm. Probably not the case here, but still funny that Feige has joined LucasFilm.

  • David

    Pretty sure that Rian Johnson’s trilogy is dead. Regardless of what you think of episode 8, it’s too divisive to bring up. I see Lucasfilm course correcting to more reliable filmmakers like Feige and Favreau. Hopefully Feige will bring a more controlled structure to Lucasfilm and create the unified vision for the Star Wars films like he’s done for Marvel.