Film Junk Premium Podcast #74: Rambo


“In town you’re the law, out here it’s me. Don’t push it. Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe.” With the release of Rambo: Last Blood this weekend, it was finally time to tackle that other iconic ’80s Sylvester Stallone franchise for this month’s premium. We trace John Rambo’s journey from 1982’s First Blood through to the character’s Stallone-directed comeback in 2008 as the body count and explosions continue to increase dramatically along the way. Discussion topics include the franchise’s shifting political stances and messages, Rambo’s iconic knife, the feasibility of playing dead in a helicopter, Rambo’s sketchy relationship with Col. Trautman, and our memories of the ’80s toys and cartoon. Is First Blood truly a great dramatic performance by Sylvester Stallone? Did Rambo help train 9/11 jihadists? Is Rambo one of the most violent movies ever made? This month’s premium podcast no expendable… download it below.

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  • pcch7

    There was definitely a Rambo cartoon, saw it on Sly’s instagram

  • Jake

    Looks like it was just a rip off of GI Joe.

  • devolutionary

    Just thought I’d share this. This has been posted on our company office’s kitchen cupboard for years, lol. I do not recall who added the credit.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    I knew keeping my vhs collection and a working vcr would come in handy one day. I can confirm the Rambo III tape has the same text at the end.

  • Sean

    Well done!

  • Sean

    Rambo: Force of Freedom! We should have loaded up that theme song for a minute on the show. What a classic.

  • Sean

    Oh wait, I think it was actually the toy commercial jingle that I remember:

  • Jay Lee

    Excellent show, guys. I razzed you a bit about the De Palma premium but this was great.

  • Nic

    Great premium once again. Would have been a nice opportunity to talk about Hot Shots which was my first contact with the Rambo films. Watched Part Deux so often as a kid that the I felt I knew every beat to Rambo: First Blood 2 when I watched it for the first time. Had a similar experience with The Exorcist having seen the Scary Movie films dozens of times as a kid. Maybe you could one day consider a spoof film premium? Jay would most likely veto that though

  • pcch7

    They don’t make jingles or themes like they used to, that’s for sure

  • Sam

    Does Jay watch NXT wrestling? Or more likely did Jay fall into a YouTube rabbit hole and happen to watch some wrestling?

    While Tyler Bates isn’t a wrestler, Tyler BATE is. Was kinda surprised Jay speculated that he was accidentally naming a wrestler.

  • Tommy

    Cronenberg premie:
    1-Shivers, Rabid or The Brood. Early Cronenberg is a must to save yourself our bitching in the comments ;)
    4-The Fly
    6-History of Violence or Eastern Promises
    7-Cosmopolis or Maps to the Stars

    Hurts to leave out a lot the middle period, but I’m guessing 7 is the max and the big ones are going in anyway.
    I’d love to re-examine the movies I put in the last spot. Hated them on first viewing, but they probably deserve another look.

  • Sean

    He may have also been thinking of Tyler Mane, who plays Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie Halloweens. And, perhaps not coincidentally, those movies were both scored by Tyler Bates.

  • Sean

    I think we’re probably going to focus on horror stuff because it is a Halloween premium so I’m not sure how much later Cronenberg will make it in there. But definitely 1-4 are pretty much locks I would think.

  • Tommy

    Okay sweet. That might open it up to a second volume :)