New to Theatres This Weekend: Don’t Let Go, Bennett’s War, Official Secrets

Make no mistake, it is the last weekend of August and the new releases in theatres are about as lacklustre as you’d expect for this time of year. The biggest release is Blumhouse’s time travel thriller Don’t Let Go but it’s not even getting a full wide release, hitting approximately 900 theatres (and reviews are not looking great). The only other major releases are the Indian action-thriller Saaho and Bennett’s War, an inspirational drama about a U.S. soldier who is part of the Army Motorcycle Unit. In select theatres, we have Gavin Hood’s political drama Official Secrets starring Keira Knightley, spy thriller Spider in the Web starring Ben Kingsley, and, yes, even Fred Durst’s latest film The Fanatic starring John Travolta. What will you be watching this weekend?

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  • Nobody

    So Ne Zha is that Chinese animated movie that’s approaching $700 million at the box office. I might watch one of these 3D Imax screenings purely out of curiosity.

    Devon Sawa apparently plays some Limp Bizkit while driving in The Fanatic. Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$