Bond 25 Gets an Official Title


After years of referring to the next 007 film as simply Bond 25, Daniel Craig’s final film now has an official title. And that title is… No Time to Die. For a while the movie was rumoured to be called Shatterhand, named not after the forgotten NES game but rather an alias that Blofeld uses in one of the books. No Time to Die certainly sounds more appropriate although a little generic as well. As for what the title actually means, that remains to be seen, but the most extreme possibility is that Bond might actually die this time around. Then again, there have been plenty of other Bond movies with “Die” in the title where he came away unscathed… go figure. What do you think of the title? No Time to Die hits theatres on April 8th, 2020 in the U.S. and April 3rd in the UK; check out the title reveal video below.

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