James Franco’s Zeroville Trailer

After sitting on the shelf for the past five years, James Franco’s Zeroville is finally getting a low key release next month courtesy of myCinema, a digital content service that also partners with select theatres in North America. Based on the novel by Steve Erickson, it shares some striking similarities with Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, which is ironic considering it was completed so long ago. The story revolves around a young movie obsessive who arrives in Hollywood in 1969 who “begins a dreamlike journey into the world of films that eventually ends in tragedy and almost horrific discovery.” With an intriguing cast that includes Seth Rogen, Megan Fox, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Joey King and Jacki Weaver this seems like it could be another comedic, self-aware look at the movie industry in the vein of The Disaster Artist. Unfortunately the garish, incoherent trailer is not doing this movie any favours. Zeroville hits select theatres on Sept. 20th; check out the trailer below and see what you think.

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  • Lior

    The book is phenomenal. Not sure what to think about this trailer. I’m not sure I buy Franco in this role. I understand this is a pet project of his, but it doesn’t jive for me. Tonally it seems very different than the novel. I will admit it’s a very difficult novel to adapt since it mostly takes place inside the protagonists’ mind. I wonder why it was shelved for five years.