Film Junk Podcast Episode #718: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw


0:00 – Intro
12:15 – Review: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
45:30 – Headlines: The Irishman Trailer, Tenet Trailer, 1917 Trailer, The Lighthouse Trailer
1:27:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Relaxer, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, The Natural, Field of Dreams, Yesterday, Lights Out with David Spade, Stranger Things 3, The Favourite, The Great Hack
2:01:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:03:35 – Outro
2:09:40 – Spoiler Discussion: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

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  • chewrog

    Listening to The Irishman trailer, does anyone else think that Pacino’s Hoffa sounds like Adam Sandler? “Glad to meet you too, even if it’s over the phoone.”

  • Kurt

    I’m seriously impressed that you guys are still going strong with the podcast, and after 700+ episodes.

  • Jake

    Film Junk for Life!


    Could we have Franks video reaction posted online??

  • Sean

    It’s still in post but should be up on the Instagram soon

  • schizopolis

    Andrew isn’t only the Fast & the Furious guy, he’s the Kevin Costner guy. Didn’t Frank go to Costner concerts back in the day???

  • devolutionary

    Modern West baby! I’d love to see the live video intro montage that Frank alluded to where the Cost’ either punches or kicks someone in various films.

  • Reed Farrington

    If having me on as a guest can’t bring down Film Junk, then nothing can. (And for all my detractors, yes, everything’s about me!)

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    Ya, that was a hilarious story. He talks about that on episode 223, which could be the best one ever because it also has the SOS fantomes debate.

  • devolutionary

    Are you guys ever going to get together with the Junkers and plan that long awaited Train themed Movie Club episode?

  • Newtman98

    What?!? We’ve gotta get a follow-up with Frank after he’s watched the Irishman trailer a couple more times. I watched that trailer and was disgusted by the de-aging. They try so hard to mask every single shot that Deniro is in. That last shot of him on the phone is horrendous.

  • Sam

    Very curious to what the upcoming premiums will be.

    Just saw Jay log The Leopard Man on Letterboxd, a future Halloween-time Val Lewton premium would be sweet. Frank says he “loves” the look of 40s and 50s movies when talking about The Lighthouse trailer, let’s talk some actual 40s and 50s movies.

  • parapa

    Should be pointed out with the Tenet teaser, I think you guys missed (probably due to the low quality streams out there), that the whole centerpiece shot has reversing smoke/bullet-holes in it, time rewinding around the protagonist. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on, probably will be clearer if they ever officially put it out there. So pretty likely that this is a time travel movie.

  • schizopolis

    The Costcast!! Make it happen lol

  • Holy smokes, nearly 45 minutes of trailer discussion?

  • Corey Pierce

    Re: The Great Hack. I would endorse a watch of this myself, but one thing Sean didnt’ really cover is that what makes Cambridge Analytica’s actions different from just advertising (as Frank brought up) is that CA’s tactics were more akin to military psyops, especially when it came to what they were doing as their ‘test’ projects in places like Trinidad and Tobago, where they didn’t merely bombard with advertising, but created a fake anti-voting movement to trick/suppress opposition vote.

  • Where is this Tenet trailer, all I can find are stupid youtube explains click bait vids, am I just an idiot? Don’t answer that.

  • Sean

    I think this link still works:

    But as someone else here mentioned, the quality is not great. We obviously missed some important details.

  • Sean

    Yeah, I definitely did not get that from the bootleg version of the trailer. But the text that comes up hints at time travel by re-using the word “time” over and over.

  • Sean
  • Kevin Cardoza

    Re: Don Quixote…The original definitely had the film director “fish out of water” element planned, with Johnny Depp playing the role that Adam Driver was in.

    Re: De-Aging..I also feel like just hiring a younger actor doesn’t get it’s due, and if done well, it can be less distracting than CGI. My favourite example is they hired a young actor who looks quite a bit like Steve Buscemi to play the past version of the character in Boardwalk Empire, had him copy Buscemi’s mannerisms and acting style, and gave him prosthetic teeth.

  • Beat_C

    thanks for your weekly great work!! (although i really didn’t care for the guest host this week.)

  • Kurt

    We should. Call your local FilmJunkMan and petition.

  • Kurt

    Every NASA employee in Andrews favourite film of the year, APOLLO 11 looks like Kevin Costner. This might be why he loves it so much.

  • Thanks Sean!

  • Jake

    Johnny Depp was in the same role but wasn’t playing a director. They did change that slightly. Depp was playing an advertising executive when they were shooting the original attempt.

  • zakbronson

    I’m sorry to break up all the Zak-hate going on this site, but I must chime in here to defend myself. I want it to be ON THE RECORD that I DID NOT request that Frank do a live viewing of The Irishman trailer on the podcast. As you can see by the evidence below (see figure 1), I specifically requested that Frank do a live viewing of the trailer for the Instagram page.

    I do not know how Sean decided to put that into the podcast, but clearly he added his own spin on it and then purposely decided to place the blame on me to defend his own reputation.

  • zakbronson

    Also for the record, I’d like to show that all the fans absolutely
    LOVE and adore the trailer reaction video posted on the Instagram page. I was 100% correct — it makes for great content.

  • Sean

    I guess I just assumed that since you helped pioneer the new trend of live audio-only trailer reactions with Captain Marvel, that this was also a part of your vision here.

    Either way, I think the complaints are not because we did it on the podcast but more because you failed to answer your phone and justify your vision personally. If you can’t handle the spotlight, get out of the kitchen.

  • zakbronson

    my vision was the instagram post, which was brilliant by the way as I expected. Your vision was introducing it on the podcast. STOP PLACING THE BLAME ON OTHERS SEAN.

  • Matt Thephotoman

    This might be a tenet SPOILER of soughts unless you’ve already read about on set filming …….
    Rumour is Tenet was filmed backwards, which also fits with the title reading the same backwards and also suggests that time yet again is the theme of the story . It’s all very intriguing. Also apparently cost 220m to make, not that that means anything other than it would make it the most expensive original movie made, I think, so it’s a gamble it will be a hit and I guess gets you thinking why it’s so expensive?? Even more intrigue.

  • Lior

    Yeah, they did a fantastic job with that on Boardwalk Empire. Almost uncanny.
    De-aging is not only about faces, though. What about physique? The way a person moves? I don’t mind de-aging effects in movies if done well (even though it will always be noticeable because you know it’s not the actor’s real face), what I can’t stand is superimposing a digital face of one actor on another actor like they did in Rogue One. That was way too distracting and strange.

  • pcch7

    To defend both of you, I thought it was a great idea and a good bit. Would’ve been better if you answered your phone though

  • This has to be resolved in the Thunderdome, boys!