Film Junk Podcast Episode #717: Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


0:00 – Intro: Jay’s Seaway Cinema Experience
44:20 – Review: Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood
1:42:20 – Headlines: Star Trek: Picard Trailer
1:49:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Little White Lies, Last Chance U, QB1, 8mm, Long Shot, Spartacus, I Drink Your Blood, Apollo 11, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, The Predator, Wrong Turn, Satan’s Slave, The Extraordinary World of Charley Bowers
2:25:40 – Outro
2:32:50 – Spoiler Discussion: Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood

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  • Matt the Kiwi

    Isn’t this exactly what happened to Eric Stoltz on Back to Future? They cast him, filmed for weeks and then realised he “wasn’t right”. Apparently they kept filming with Stoltz while looking for his replacement. Ouch! He must be the only person on the planet who hates that film.

  • Lior

    Totally agree with Jay’s ongoing low assessment of the theatrical experience. This is not just in Canada, this is global. What’s amazing is that ticket prices keep going up while quality of screening keeps going down.

    I blame digital projection for being the final straw.

    We always had people yammering in the cinema during the film, that could be tolerated on its own.
    Then came cell phones, now people were talking to people who are not even present. Fine, we bit the bullet.
    Then came smartphones, now people were texting and surfing, flaring up tiny, distracting lighthouses all across the theater, like miserable fireflies of despair. The smartphone also contributed to the ADHD culture. If people retained some form of minimal self control not talking on their cell phone during a movie, then that went out the window with the mini computer in their pocket.

    Then came digital screening. Before, the disdain for the theatrical experience came mostly from the audience. Now the theater owners and projectionists joined in the fun. Because digital screening requires little to no craft an/or attention, it caused a general slack in the proceedings. Images are thrown on the white screen no matter what the aspect ratio is (the screen is not masked to conform), many trailers are blown-out YouTube versions that look horrible, the amount of ads has grown exponentially, and the house lights always turn on during the end credits just to screw you over a little bit more in the end. It’s the theater equivalent of the Netflix end-credits shrinking window phenomenon.

    And that’s exactly the thing, the theater experience has become a glorified version of watching TV in public, which is what Tarantino famously called it, which is only appropriate for this episode of Film Junk.

    If Tarantino only knew how Jay experienced his film….

  • Steini2

    Not that you didn’t already resolve it but just to confirm: I happened to walk out if a screening of Apollo 11 when Frank started talking about the film and I don’t think there is any footage that is staged. The scene he was referencing was indeed a split screen as Jay explained, it had me fooled for a second as well.

  • pcch7

    What’s with Frank and his bathrooms lmao

  • Nobody

    Can you guys consider forcing Reed back for a review of The Farewell? More Reed! Crazy Rich Asians and Always Be My Maybe have been covered so this is a natural follow-up. (I also find it amusing that this is maybe the 10th time Frank has derisively brought up Crazy Rich Asians.) Reed, your opening statement was very effective, even if Jay’s delivery wasn’t up to your standards.

    The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood discussion was great and honed in on some interesting aspects of Tarantino’s style.

  • Gerry

    Re Frank saying that Pulp Fiction wasn’t about anything, I think it was partly about the mentality of an addict, and the lack of glamour in such a life.

    John Travolta’s character buys 2,000 dollars worth of drugs and says he’ll be back for more IF IT’S GOOD’. He then argues the toss re whether a milkshake is worth 8 dollars.

    PS I love the unapologetic Quentin Tarantino Reed. More please.

  • pcch7

    Sean you gotta start watching Dark. I think it’d be right up your alley

  • Reed Farrington

    Quentin Tarantino Reed is gone. I discovered I can’t cuss hither and thither.

  • colin the dude

    Did I miss something or did Frank mention watching Long Shot and not log it on Letterboxd? This appears to be an ongoing fiasco with Frankie. For a long time he’ll either forget to log stuff or inexplicably wait one or two weeks before updating the Letterboxd. What is this all about? How hard is it to log something after you watch it? Bad boy, Frankie.


  • Sean

    Netflix thinks so too. And I just finished Stranger Things, so maybe?

  • pcch7

    Yes give it a go. Best show I’ve seen for a while

  • pcch7

    The Kitchen Nigtmares idea but for cinemas is great, would love to see that

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Great pod, boys! Reed rules. Frank drools.

  • I think most of the time – at least for the main review – he holds back to not spoil his rating. Very surprising that he immediately logged OUATIH.

  • Loofton

    Frank, speaking with no accent would be like typing without a font

  • sukosuko1

    really can’t hear any Canadian accent guys, think qw in wisconsin have a more northern accent than yous-guys up north.. almost every city in the uk has its own unique accent, it is kinda amazing that from 10 miles west of new york city to california and up to hamilton sounds pretty much the same, even reed.

  • gibson8

    ‘I was disappointed’ ‘It didn’t really work’ ‘Worst movie since Death Proof’
    4 and half out of five stars.