Ball Junk Podcast Episode #37: NBA Free Agent Frenzy


It’s the podcast you’ve been waiting for. Ball Junk Episode 37: NBA Free Agent Frenzy! What a wild week it was and we recap it all including our predictions for the NBA line up for Christmas Day 2019. Frankie Knuckles also reveals whether he is back in on the NBA. We play a game of Real or Fake, discuss Balls Around the World, answer your questions in Sack Time and Frankie gets the Gas Pedal. If you ever wanted a podcast that discusses Sandy Beveridge, Pete LaCock, Ferret Legging, Knitting, Metal and Dash Wilder’s sweet, sweet sucker punch then Ball Junk is for you. Download and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play and possibly Spotify. Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro
0:02:44 – NBA Discussion
0:52:14 – Real or Fake: Athlete Names
0:57:19 – Balls Around the World
1:04:20 – Sack Time
1:13:13 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • pcch7

    Sweet ball-junk. Random question, is it possible to listen to some of Greg’s old radioshow anywhere?

  • The name of that kid Dirrty Frank drafted for his softball team…Jose Canseco.

  • colin the dude

    As the resident Celtics-fanatic, I hereby demand 2 Ball Junk episodes (at least) a month during the NBA regular season.

  • Sam

    As the resident Baseball-fanatic, I hereby demand just the mention of the word “baseball” once a year or so.

    Just a random thought, has the name “Mike Trout” ever been uttered on the show? I know baseball isn’t the guys’ thing, but just weird that arguably the most dominant player in their respective sport has rarely, if ever, been mentioned on the show.

    – Says guy who has a Mike Trout avatar.

  • colin the dude

    Also as the resident-Yankee fan, I hereby demand 3 episodes in October for the baseball playoffs. The Judge is sentencing Mike Trout to 10 years probation and a lifetime ban from the World Series.

  • Balls

    I’m really the only one that watches a lot of baseball and it’s mostly the shittiest team in the AL. Similar to soccer fans wanting us to talk more about footy…I’m the only one who watches and there wouldn’t be much of a conversation. Also, we’re both idiots.

  • Balls

    Sadly, there are no archives from the radio stations.

  • Sam

    No worries Greg. Love the show regardless and haven’t missed one.

    Being Orioles fans, I’m sure there hasn’t been much for you guys to keep track of outside of maybe Trey Mancini or John Means, and being in your timezone, paying attention to much of the AL West might be too much to ask.

    Though last Friday, the Angels game in which they honored Tyler Skaggs and in which Skaggs’ mom threw out thei first pitch, where they threw a no-hitter while wearing the jersey of their teammate who passed-away will be one of my favorite sports memories for quite a while:

  • devolutionary

    I loved Dame Lillard’s recent comment on his low percentage, game winning shot to sink the OKC Thunder in the playoffs. “That was for Seattle!”. As a longtime recovering Sonics fan, that was hilarious.

  • Dinobot2

    Is Frank mispronouncing Giannis’s name on purpose? It’s pronounced “Yaw-nis” dude.

  • gibson8

    Yah-nis would be more accurate but I’m sure he has corrupted the original greek pronunciation into something more American and ‘aw’ sounding. As for Frank? It’s not like him to get something wrong then lie about it then lie about lying about it and so on… It would be adorable if he wasn’t such a dick about it.

  • pcch7

    I’ve got another name for you, football player Jizz Hornkamp

  • Balls

    That was a great moment. Last month I was in Toronto for a few days for work and walked down to the Rogers Centre and watched the Angels plays the Jays. Trout hit a grand slam and then hit a 2nd home run off of the Blue Jays Level of Excellence. About A 450 footer. He is good at baseball.