New to Theatres This Weekend: Stuber, Crawl, The Farewell

With Spider-Man: Far From Home hitting theatres last week and The Lion King arriving next week, this weekend is a bit of a write-off as far as major releases are concerned. So instead we’ve got a couple of smaller summer movies filling in the gap: the action-comedy Stuber starring Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani and Alexandre Aja’s killer gator flick Crawl. Neither seem likely to bring in huge crowds, but the latter at least seems to be receiving decent reviews. In limited release, we also have the acclaimed indie drama The Farewell starring Awkwafina and the dark indie comedy The Art of Self-Defense starring Jesse Eisenberg. What will you be watching this weekend?

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    Crawl could be a fun discussion on the next episode of Film Junk. Lets just hope it’s playing at the local Drive-In.

  • Jr

    I say they save it for a crocodilian premium.
    I put it somewhere between Lake Placid and Rogue.