Game Junk Podcast Episode #39: E3 2019


0:00 – Intro
11:50 – Headlines: Playdate Handheld Console, Playstation 5 Specs
21:30 – E3 Discussion: EA
28:00 – E3 Discussion: Microsoft
1:15:30 – E3 Discussion: Ubisoft
1:29:15 – E3 Discussion: Bethesda
1:37:55 – E3 Discussion: Square Enix
1:45:12 – E3 Discussion: Nintendo
1:57:15 – Top 5: E3 2019 Announcements
2:01:10 – Other Stuff We Played: Final Fantasy XV, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bioshock, Tacoma, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Rage 2, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Observation, Riverbond, Wargroove, The Messenger, Celeste, Super Mario Odyssey, Zuma’s Revenge, 1-2-Switch, Cadence of Hyrule, Blaster Master Zero, Blaster Master Zero 2, Days Gone, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Baba is You, Metroid Prime 3
2:26:55 – Junk Mail: EA’s Handling of the Star Wars Franchise, Best Co-op Shooters + Resident Evil 2 Story + Frank’s Proudest Platinum Trophies + Best Games like Scott Pilgrim + Best RPGs like FFVII, Google Stadia + Cinematic vs. Gameplay Trailers, Best Appearances by Celebrities in Video Games, Next Gen Xbox, Double Fine Acquisition, Microtransactions, Destiny 2 Stadia Crossplay, Death Stranding, Too Human Postmortem
2:59:50 – Upcoming Video Game Releases
3:01:55 – Outro

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  • eliantigiorgi

    About f**kin time!!!

  • pcch7

    Y’all gotta finish up DOOM, it’s awesome

  • pcch7

    198X that just came out has a sidescrolling beat em up arcade game in it. It’s very short though, the whole thing is about 2 hours. Fantastic music and mood though.

  • Jake

    I’m totally in for a live stream of Too Human, that would be awesome!

  • pcch7

    Favorite celeb in games for me would be between Martin Sheen or Yvonne Strahowski in Mass Effect 2 I think

  • benvernel

    Hey Junkers, there’s a 45 minute gameplay demo of Cyberpunk 2077 that’s been online since last E3, I think that’s what people are basing the hype on.

  • Sean

    I do remember seeing this. It is still very controlled obviously though, which is maybe where some of the doubt comes in. Not sure if this is the same thing that was being shown behind closed doors last year?

  • benvernel

    I’d heard that this year there was a brand new one of similar length that was being shown, and they were going to release to the public soon. But then again, it’s out early next year so maybe they won’t bother.

    You’re right, it’s very clearly choreographed… but these days you can’t release something like that and not deliver. They’d get absolutely torn apart by gamers. I’m optimistic!

  • devolutionary

    Amid Evil was finally freed from the clutches of Early Access! Excellent Unreal engine based homage to Hexen/Heretic gameplay. Same studio as “Dusk”. Early 20% sale on GOG and Steam right now.

  • OsoDuck

    If you’ve never run across Ahoy’s video game documentaries, he make’s professional quality stuff.