Film Junk Podcast Episode #711: Men in Black: International


0:00 – Intro
12:10 – Review: Men in Black: International
36:55 – Other Stuff We Watched: Murder Mystery, Night Beast, Ikarie XB1, Friday the 13th I-IV, Eli Roth’s History of Horror Uncut Podcast, The Case Against Satan
1:11:40 – Outro

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  • Essie

    thank you for the show.

  • Indianamcclain

    Next premium suggestion: Cronenberg, and I kept hoping we’ll get the 90’s comic book movie premium that was teased years ago.

  • I support a Cronenberg premium.

  • milan

    My dream would be box office bombs premium. You have Howard the duck, heavens gate, cutthroat island or Ishtar as well. Mix of every kind of movie…

  • Colin

    First off, thank you for the show… it is by far my favorite podcast.

    That said, I need to bring up something:

    In the three months [11 episodes] since the episode 700 donation drive, the average show length [118~ minutes] is down roughly 8 minutes on average from the previous three months [126~ minutes]. This most recent show is the shortest it’s been since I can remember… I don’t even want to get into back when you all ere pumping out 3+ hour shows every week on Sunday nights like clockwork.

    Hundreds of us donated money because I want to hear you guys talk and it kinda sucks that since then there has been an even greater downshift in content length. I thought that the outpouring of support would invigorate you guys to want to do more but it seems to be business as usual, or worse the continuing downslope.

    I know that shows recorded on the same night as a premium will almost always be shorter but it’s a bummer for those who donated to get a short show at the expense of having to pay out additional for a premium… not that we don’t want the premiums, too. That said, can you please bring back Junk Mail on at least a semi-regular basis, like when you know a show is going to go short?

    Maybe I’m being ridiculous and I should remember that this is something that you (hopefully still) do for the fun of it but I just felt the need to put it out there.

  • Sean

    I mean, between the regular show, the premium and Game Junk we recorded like 7.5 hours worth of content in the span of a couple days. I don’t really feel like like we’re phoning it in here, but yeah, the regular episode was a bit short this week.

    We did discuss trying to do some junk mail this week but it was a weeknight and we all had somewhere to be in the morning and to be honest we didn’t have a lot of saved up junk mail to choose from. Maybe next time.

  • Indianamcclain

    So is it safe to say that comedy reboots starting Chris Hemsworth are a red flag? So far we have Ghostbusters, Vacation, and MIB. I have to agree with Frank here Hemsworth needs to know his role.

  • Beat_C

    czechoslovakia (?SSR) was part of the eastern bloc, but not of the USSR.
    you did so much podcasting this week! ????

  • stevens1

    A Child’s Play premium would’ve been timely (and a lot of work) but then again, the new one is absolute garbage.

  • Cream Neeson

    I’m down with Cronenberg but man have I’ve been waiting for that 90’s comic book premium.

  • colin the dude

    I love how Frank is just foaming at the mouth to hear the Tarantino/Roth podcast and, I heard it, and 90% of the films they talk about, Frank has either never heard of or would never want to watch. I find that funny.

  • colin the dude

    I concur. Suggested lineup: just the 80s

    The Brood
    The Dead Zone
    The Fly
    Dead Ringers

  • Hey Junkers! Don’t forget Frankie’s birthday is coming up – make sure you do something special to celebrate ???????????? For me, celebrating Canadian podcast host’s birthdays is all about celebrating their beauty and baldness. I know they make it look easy but being bald and beautiful at the same time takes strategy and skill. I believe Frank’s secret to physical perfection is achieving the right alchemy by combining considered facial hair strategy and the perfect sports team hat.

  • Sam

    I as well. Though I think I would add Naked Lunch. Would love to hear that on a premium

  • Sam

    Also found it funny how he couldn’t fathom how Jay would ever want to rewatch the Friday the 13th movies, says man who only rewatches movies that almost no one would to watch. Love ya Frankie!

    You would think for as much as he “fanchilds” over Tarantino, that some of Tarantino’s movie recommendations would trickle down to him. If only he idolized Tarantino’s recommendations as opposed to Roger Ebert growing up, Frankie’s lifepath would be a whole lot different.

  • Sam

    Ikarie XB1 is Czech. I’m assuming Jay picked up the recent Second Run release? If you plan to dig into anymore Czech films from that label, I’d recommend checking stuff like The Cremator, A Case for a Rookie Hangman, Witchhammer, Shop on Main Street and maybe Fabulous Baron Munchausen.

    Also, if you could find them at the “library”:
    Tomorrow I’ll Wake Up and Scald Myself With Tea – Another Jindrich Polak movie, this one is a time travel comedy.
    Happy End – incredibly experimental comedy played in reverse which works surprisingly well.

    I watched a ton of Czech movies last year and found a ton of them to be surprisingly great.

  • Indianamcclain

    Unfortunately The Brood was 1979. But I agree that 80’s Cronenberg is the best way to go.

  • colin the dude

    This is top shelf art. Holy shit.

  • devolutionary

    The Bald Brotherhood represent!
    Freddy Mercury: “I waaaant to saaaay ‘puh-leeeeeeaze!’ “

  • Hunter Allen

    Loved the Third Eye Blind outro. I feel like it sums up my impression of virtually every film that’s gone to London lately–including the last two James Bond movies.

  • Hunter Allen

    Not a bad idea. Maybe throw in Below from 2002. $40mm budget, fucker made $600,000. Not a typo. Kinda astonishing David Twohy still got to make movies. (It’s not even that bad. I mean, it’s bad, but not 1/90th of its budget bad.)

  • Ben Bueno

    Sean, Jay sounds like he’s close to checking out on us these last few episodes. These shit movies are killing him! Throw him a bone and review a non-Hollywood movie next time before he loses it.

  • Nic

    There is still so much potential for premium podcasts:
    Rambo will surely come up later this year
    Dirty Harry
    Man With No Name Trilogy
    Conan/Arnold Action films
    Some of the more obscure Horror franchises like Puppet Master or Leprechaun
    I also like the idea of premiums for Classic Hollywood Genres (Noir, Musical, Western, Screwball Comedy, Universal Monsters)
    And then there are still so many directors left (Mann, de Palma, Cronenberg, Hitchcock pt.2, perhaps even a foreign director like Kurosawa at some point?)

  • Nic

    The Dead Don’t Die should be coming up soon. I would also be interested in how they feel about High Life but that is probably not playing anymore. I really liked the film but it seems pretty divisive.

  • Gotta do Police Academy. Naked Gun trilogy also.

  • Ben Bueno

    I liked High Life as well. Didn’t blow me away but it had some good stuff for sure

  • Jake

    I completely forgot he was in the Vacation reboot.

  • Jake

    An interesting read for anyone curious why MIB International ended up being a mess.

  • Thanks. And I just wanna clear this up cus I’m tired of the rumours. Yes, I Photoshopped Rami Malek’s actual moustache onto the faces of Mr Knezic, Dwyer, and Bronson. And I did it specifically in the hope that Mr Cheel would jerk off to the idea of that at a time that works best for him. #happybirthdayfrankie

  • #nusean #letithappen ????

  • devolutionary

    Tis’ a fine job. Better than the digital erasure of Henry Cavill’s stache in BvS:DoJ”o”.

  • devolutionary

    Yeah, just saw it last night. As a Claire Denis film, I’m curious how it was marketed as I tried to avoid trailers. Her only other genre attempt I can think of was “Bastards”.

  • Sean

    We have talked about reviewing both of these, perhaps we can get to one or both next week if Jay is back.

  • Sam

    I think the two I’d like the most are Noir Premium and Hammer premium. But I’m sure those would be download juggernauts.

  • Craig

    Of the new releases, Wild Rose is well worth checking out. Jessie Buckley’s performance stands with any lead one this year.

  • Beat_C

    pleeeease review “the dead don’t die”: i saw it last monday, and it’s a movie that’s gonna trigger frank. and what’s better than that?

  • milan

    Obscure horror franchise? First movie is usually average at best and the rest is shit… there are better places to go to… like the idea of classic Hollywood thou…

  • Fletcher Thomas

    Are we due for a Best of 2008 soon?

  • devolutionary

    For a split second, I thought you were referring to the Mike Hammer movies. lol…The noir part mixed me up. “I, The Jury” and “Kiss Me Deadly” are great though.

  • GuyInPhilly

    Thanks for the great pod. No idea why someone would complain about the length, this episode had some golden moments and we got the MIB premium this week! Keep on junking on, I appreciate all the work you guys put in.

  • Why anyone would remove a moustache from any man’s face is beyond me. The addition of a moustache is always an improvement. I think that’s pretty clear from my artwork.

  • Jay Lee

    How about a premium on the 90’s resurgence of the “creature feature” genre? Arachnophobia, Tremors, Ticks, Congo, The Relic, Mimic, Anaconda, Deep Rising, Lake Placid, Deep Blue Sea to name a few. Not exactly masterpieces for the most part, but fun films and worth talking about. Just a suggesh.

  • samlam

    Hey guys. Would love to hear your thoughts on the new Refn/Brubaker miniseries now streaming on Amazon. Thanks ! Love the show <3

  • Sean

    I will definitely give it my standard “watched one episode, not sure when I’ll watch the rest” review.

  • Sean

    Yeah we’re a bit behind on these. Might not get to that until August.

  • Nobody

    Reed’s Skype piss break was awesome though, just like his prior Skype appearance from the mall with the intercom blaring.

  • Nobody

    But you need tell us how that Hideo Kojima cameo turned out.

  • j-diggle

    How about a Film Junk premium podcast where you have to review old episodes of Film Junk? It could be awful, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

  • Mrespony

    I just want to thank all of you at FJ for watching MIB: International, it demonstrates your dedication to the show and to your listeners. However, an MIB premium is taking it too far, seriously guys, you don’t have to do this to yourselves, no one can handle that much Sonnenfeld.