Ready or Not Red Band Trailer


The filmmaking trio known as Radio Silence have been making a name within horror circles for a while now after directing segments in the anthology films V/H/S and Southbound, as well as the found footage riff on Rosemary’s Baby, Devil’s Due. Now their latest horror flick is getting a late summer release from Fox Searchlight and it looks like a mash-up of You’re Next and Get Out (minus the racial commentary). Ready or Not stars Samara Weaving (The Babysitter, Mayhem) as a newlywed who finds that her husband’s rich family has a tradition of playing deadly games with new members of the family. It looks ridiculous but there is obviously some dark satire here and I am kind of on board. Ready or Not hits theatres on Aug. 23rd; check out the red band trailer below and see what you think.

  • Colin

    I couldn’t believe that wasn’t Margot Robbie

  • I couldn’t believe that wasn’t Emma Stone (only looked at the poster though).

  • Jonny Ashley

    Now I’m trying to find Jay’s mash-up image of Emma Stone, Hugo Weaving, and Sam Neill. You know this is Hugo Weaving’s niece?

  • I didn’t know that. Now everything makes sense!

  • Mrespony

    Deputy Director Ritter is in this? Okay, I’m in.