New to Theatres This Weekend: Men In Black: International, Shaft, The Dead Don’t Die


Last weekend’s box office slump looks likely to continue this weekend with a couple of big studio sequels set to enter theatres without generating much buzz. Sony’s latest Men in Black film Men in Black: International will attempt to refocus the franchise without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones but it is unclear if the combination of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will be enough to win audiences over. Also arriving this weekend is the latest Shaft movie, which brings back the two previous Shafts along with Jessie T. Usher. Mindy Kaling’s Late Night also expands nationwide while Jim Jarmusch’s horror comedy The Dead Don’t Die debuts on over 600 screens. In select theatres we also have the slice-of-life drama American Woman starring Sienna Miller and Being Frank starring Jim Gaffigan. What will you be watching this weekend?

  • Lisa V Benson

    This weekend will be about the zombies! In a couple of weeks MIB!

  • Dirk Gently

    Please do a Too Old To Die Young special. The series is spectacular!

  • Matt the Kiwi

    I read that as “Men In Black: International Shaft” which ironically I would be more interested in seeing.